Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 18, 2011

A Few more rugs from Western

Welcome Leaves hooked by Bertie Campbell

Each year at the Rug Show in Eugene, we get caught up with Bertie Campbell, a prolific Rug Artist who used to attend Western.  I didn’t get a chance to talk with Bertie, but I think she still lives in Eugene.  Here are 3 of her many rugs included in the show this year; this background appears to be hooked with nylons… nice.

Log Cabin with Pizazz hooked by Bertie Campbell

With red corners and lots of plaids sprinkled in, this little classic really sparkled!

Silk Red Poppy hooked by Bertie Campbell

A big luscious pillow with a million silk loops; a beautiful way to recycle silk scarves and ties!  Silk doesn’t fluff out like wool, so even with a 1/2″ strip, you need to hook in every hole.

Irish Robin hooked by Freda Jackson

I love this quiet little gem… designed and hooked by Freda.  I didn’t notice the kaleidoscope background until i trimmed up the photo… fun!

Kestrel hooked by Tanya Graham, design by Jane Flynn

I took this class from Sheila Mitchell at Western 2010, so it was fun to see Tanya’s version.  The dark background really sets of the Kestrel and simplifies the landscape.

Marble Canyon hooked by Nancy Terhaar

I can always spot Nancy Terhaar’s rugs… clean perfection… along with her wonderful colour sense.   Nancy’s finish on this little rug is exquisite!

Birches hooked and taught by Lynn Roth

Another of my favourite Rug Artists is Lynn Roth from Alberta.  She dyes beautiful wool, hooks rugs that make your heart sing, and always teaches a multi-faceted class.  The lucky Juniors learned about birch bark dyeing and high chroma – low chroma shading.

Vivily's Flowers hooked by Michele Wise

Finally, a bit of eye-candy… 2 versions of ‘Vivily’s Flowers’ designed by Jane Flynn for her friend, Vivily Powers, who taught this class.  This one hooked by Michele Wise, who added a ribbon border.

Vivily's Flowers hooked by Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor hooked hers with vibrant shading and her signature blue-green background.  

It’s always an inspiring week and the Rug Show photos keep reminding us of great colour work and various techniques.



  1. Outstanding work! thanks for sharing it, Laura. Sarah

  2. After seeing that flower, I must try hooking with silk….makes me want to reach out and touch it!

  3. yes… it was hard to resist squeezing that pillow… but i didn’t touch… i don’t even know how she finished the back. Bertie had another rug hooked with cotton strips… it’s appeal was strictly recycle. the silk was much more appealing and tactilly inviting. (is that a word?)

    thanks for the comments… it’s nice to know you’ve come for a visit!

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