Posted by: laurawp | July 14, 2011

CA Postcards… fun with 4×6″ rugs

San Juan Bautista... one of my favourite places in California

We’re having a Fiber Jam at Asilomar… on the edge of the  Monterey Bay!  February 12-17, 2012.

 Gail Becker is attending and has proposed a CA Postcard Challenge.  Hook a 4×6″ California Postcard and send it to her…  it’s open to everyone…

i’m enjoying hooking up these miniature vinyettes!  4×6″ in 8 cut is only about 3-4 hours.  they are from photographs I’ve taken… i love landscapes, trees, portraits, and abstract…

The view from Little River Inn Abalone Hall

this was an exciting day… a storm was blowing in… throwing water in the air… possibly the photo is from 2004, our first rug camp… it rained on Wednesday and cleared up on Thursday… gloriously!

Dawn view from Little River Inn

 pert-near every room at Little River Inn has a view of the pine trees and the Pacific Ocean… It’s perched on a bluff above the mouth of Little River at Van Damm State Park on Hwy 1.

Our Little River Inn Rug Camp is FULL for 2011… but stop by and see us on Tuesday or Wednesday  if you’re in the area… November 1 or 2, 2011; we put up a Rug Show on the walls of our classroom to enjoy it all week. 

i’m not sure about the linen showing through on these Framed CA Postcards… should i hook another row… ?   should the colour be standard… ?  could i paint the linen black or purple with acrylics?

i have 6 postcards on 1 piece of linen…  I’m going to keep hooking…

i have a pattern from Western, that could be repurposed for more CA postcards!   Yaye!



  1. Laura, I was wondering what “postcards” you were talking about! These are wonderful…the one of the ocean from Little River Inn gets so much color in for such a small space! #8 cut on 4 x 6″???? photograph size?!? I don’t know if I could do that or not?!? I have a lot of CA scenes…maybe I’ll try…who knows…maybe in a #6??? Challenges?!? Sarah

  2. mostly #8 cut… i use my noodle bag… so some of the wool is #3, 4, 5 or 6. but you can see what i favour. yes, try it… they’re fun!

  3. Sarah, I hope you decide to hook a postcard–your work is awe-inspiring.

  4. Gail… what happens to our postcards after/if we send them to you? Can we just show them at the Fiber Jam? i’m planning to try selling mine… so they may not be available come February.

    • Laura, From Postcard Blog/The Challenge Page

      “The first display of the postcards will be at Monterey Bay Rug Camp in February 2012. I plan to write an article for submission to a rug-hooking publication. Ultimately, I would like to take a display of these postcards to various guilds, camps, and rug shows in the State. If there were sufficient interest, I would explore the possibility of having this display exhibited in galleries or other public venues.”

      As you can see, I was hoping to receive enough Postcards for a Display that could be taken to guilds, camps, rug shows, and possibly art galleries. I know you are making quite a few of these 4 x 6 inch scenes and, maybe, you could let me set aside a couple to add to the display and sell the rest?

  5. Will you bring these to rug camp? It’d be fun to see the postcard view from Abalone, from Abalone!

    • Hi Hilarie… i have 1 more postcard to finish of 6, then i can cut them apart and finish them. i will definitely bring my postcards … which includes the ‘Abalone View’. unfortunately, Gail Becker is not planning to attend this year… and the CA Postcards are her challenge… so we don’t get to see them all. She is recieving many lovely postcards. i keep finding more subject for this challenge… it’s a good one. of course, it’s open to all Fiber Artists.

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