Posted by: laurawp | July 6, 2011

Finish Class Rug Show by Request

Chicken Wire for Chicken rug

Suzi Jones was signed up late to teach ‘Finishing’, but was able to put on an impressive rug show of examples!    Hers, her mother’s and grandmother’s rugs were included and demonstrated unique and interesting ways to finish hooked rugs. 

Imagine that you live in a little cabin...

 and in the morning… you open the shutters of your little cabin window…  to enjoy…

the little cabin view... Birches by the Lake!

what a great way to finish the ‘Birches’… a project we all know and love!

Beautiful Wool Frame

this little gem will lighten any dark corner!   haven’t we all wished we could use a beautiful piece of wool just as it is?

Grandmother's Owl

The little waldoboro owl is glued to the wood plank.

Grandmother's Racoon

These little critters are so adorable… small about 6×9″…

Wool covered cording and wool covered edge

Suzi’s ‘Fruit’ rug is perfect… and the finishing is too… a perfect compliment!

Suzi's Grandmother's hooked Floral with Braided edge

i love the colours of the Daisies … the hooking had a padded backing, so it was the same height as the braids.

Bell Pull Sheep with Sheep bells

Suzi uses leather on some of her finishes… as needed.  This rug is hung from a genuine sheep bell.

Jane Olson Oval rug hooked by Suzi Jones with herringbone finish

This was such a beautiful rug, i just had to take it’s photograph… not that i’ll ever do a Herringbone Finish.  i love the lavender grey background… some sort of plaid i think.  I think i recognize the pattern from a Jane Olson workshop our guild had… a few years ago.

There were other examples and Suzi went over each of the various finishing techniques.  Seems like anything you want to do is possible… if Suzi has anything to do with it!


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