Posted by: laurawp | July 5, 2011

Last few days at Western 2011

Riley Hall Atrium dining area

We had a few adjustments in our accomodations this year at Western; we had to share our Riley Hall with the UO food service and a Construction crew.  While we knew about the food service, we didn’t anticipate the Construction at Riley Hall.  Usually, we walk over to Barnhart  for our meals at a wonderful UO cafeteria.  it’s just a block away, but it got us out of our classes, gave us a bit of fresh air and a brief stretch of the legs… we missed that!  This year, the cafeteria is being remodeled, so the food service was set up in the lower floor of Riley; our classes and meeting room were moved into the basement and the 3rd floor.  Now the exercise was up and down stairs.  One of the bonuses of the food service in Riley was that the Atrium was cleaned up and outfitted with Umbrella tables and chairs for dining al fresco.

3 story atrium in Riley Hall

I enjoy staying in Riley Hall and in Eugene.  The trees are big and happy and the atrium creates a private oasis.  With the adjustment this year, the atrium was actually used and I hope that continues even when the food service moves back into Barnhart.

Cathy Kelly's almost finished version of 'Quashqui'

 Many of us chose Cathy Kelly’s class (taught in her absense by Sheila Stewart) because of the beautiful and unusual treatment she used to hook her oriental ‘Quashqui’; spot-dyes for outlining and transcolour for the background!  Sheila did her homework and told us about the Qasqui people and their yearly migration.  There was a list of colours and their meaning, colouring pencils and copies of the pattern to colour plan.  Since my pattern needed re-drawing, i spent my class time colour planning… a joyful reminder of the many happy hours of colouring books in my childhood.     

'Heroic Scrolls' hooked and taught by Bonnie Pelczar

Friday classes are pretty relaxed; it’s the last day, the patterns are usually simple and wide-cut and we interupt class to check out… that is to pay for our week’s worth of  patterns and wool.   Our class was called first to settle up and get our Teachers’ Report; this year the cover photo was of Tanya Graham’s ‘Falling Water’, (shown in my 1st blog of this series).   Heroic Scrolls taught by Bonnie Pelczarwas my final class.  Bonnie provided beautiful textured wool from Rebecca Erb; my first experience with these popular wools.   They are very fun to hook with as you watch the colours change with the plaid.  Most of us in class added our own bit of contrasting wool; i added a plum and dark plaid background.  My husband has already claimed ‘Heroic Scrolls’; he loves the colours!

Rest Stop at Weed with a view of Mt.Shasta

 We stay an extra night at Western, along with about 15 other campers.  We have a 9 hour drive home to Sonoma County and after a long week of socializing and learning, it’s good to get rested up before getting on the highway.  Even though Brigitta and I got an early 6am start, we ran out of gas just above Roseberg OR.  The gas gage still said we had 1/2 tank of gas, but as we thought about it, our last fill-up was in CA on the way up.  Walt’s Towing came to the rescue; he followed us into Roseberg and made sure we got off at the right off-ramp.  We stopped in Ashland for a bit of breakfast along the Lithia creek and ran into our friends, Susan and Wendy!  One last meal and another good chat together. 

we hit practically every rest stop until we got within 100 miles of home… they are all becoming familiar friends, but my favourite is the one at Weed… with the beautiful view of Mt.Shasta.  There was more snow on her on our way up to Eugene; amazing what 1 week of hot weather can do.   Next year, Western will shift to the last week of June: 24th-29th!  If you’d like to join us, let me know and i’ll fill you in on the details.



  1. WOW – Laura what a great report – it bought back lots of memories and it was so good to see pics of all those I’ve met before at Western – Val & Laurie looked like they were really having fun! Your solution to the sampler was super. The rugs in the show were fantastic – and there was smiling Suzie, (did her socks match this year?) I would like to have seen more her rugs. Of course I read the report backwards and by the time I got to walking the river trail I felt like I was walking with you talking about how to prounounce it’s name. Wish I had been there – maybe next year???
    Can’t believe you guys ran out of gas – what an adventure
    btw may I add your blog to the TIGHR site? Cheers Jo

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