Posted by: Laura Pierce | July 3, 2011

Finishing & Western Rug Show

They tried something new this year at Western; a lecture series on Wednesday. we chose between Colour Planning, Finishing or Dyeing. I was very glad I chose Finishing with Suzi Jones… because she loves to finish rugs and does it with professionalism and flare!

Suzi Jones with her Crewel Fire Screen

Suzi taught this beautiful Crewel, with special stitches included, for a Western 2009 class. She finished it as a Fire Screen, after edging it with gold braiding. Suzi had an extensive display of special finished rugs for her class; a regular rug show! I am inspired to try my hand at sewing on a wool finished edge.

'Ram' - 3x5' adapted and hooked by Michele Wise

This rug is powerful in person… best on the wall… no one would dare step on it… ha!  it was displayed on the ground floor lobby during the Rug Show… where visitors were directed upstairs to view the Annual Western Rug Show on Thursday.

Jane Flynn sketches while sitting at the Rug Show Welcome table.

Val Flannigan demo’s Rug Hooking at the Western Rug Show

The Rug Show was set up in the 2nd Floor community room;  it was cozy and  organized by colour.  The framed pieces were set in the window sills and a few pieces were hung near the elevator to beckon visitors into the show area.

'Cathy's Tulips' was in good company on the couch.

‘On the Wings of a Dove’ designed and hooked by Judith Rippstein, 2008

I met Judith Rippstein at Cambria Pines Rug Camp in 2008… and was struck by her little rug shown here.   I love the graphic playfulness of her design, the plaids, textures, brights and accenting lines!   We didn’t have class together, so we met just briefly.  What a delight to find her at Western!  She was our traveling Scholar… having won the Scholarship at Southern. 

'Mr.GQ' by Judith Rippstein

it was fun to get to know Judith better… and to see more of her rugs!  Judith hooked ‘Mr.GQ’ for a class she taught at Kerrville Rug Camp; she learned the technique from Cindy Gay at Southern. 

 i love the repeating colours of  her  little oriental pillow while the gold is a perfect background and accent!

'Giordes' hooked by Judith Rippstein

Returning to Western after a long sabbatical was Wendy Halsall from BC.   It was wonderful to meet Wendy and see some of her rugs; painted in watercolour and carved in wood!

'Rocky Coast' painted in wool by Wendy Halsall

i sat in the Rug Gallery for an hour, to demo hooking and greet visitors.  Wendy’s ‘Masks’ were on the opposite wall and looked so real, i had to take a closer look;  the middle mask looks like weathering wood, but  is actually hooked!

'Masks' hooked by Wendy Halsall


There were many other beautiful, playful and creative rugs in the Rug Show; it’s always a high-light of our week!  The last rug i’ll show today is Michele Wise’s Merman.   Being 3-dimensional, he looks good from all angles!  btw: Michele will be teaching at Little River Inn Rug Camp this coming November.  Stop by to see some of her creations in person!

Michele Wise's Merman



  1. Thanks for sharing, Laura. Some really interesting pieces!!!! HAPPY 4TH!

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