Posted by: laurawp | July 1, 2011

Teaching Colour Play to Trainees

Tuesday was a great day to be teaching the Trainees… the Juniors were having their Dye Class with Lynne Howard, and the Seniors were choosing between 3 ‘Face’ classes with Ann Taylor, Vivian Eyford and Susan Elcox.  My project was ‘Begin the Begin’ which I had taught last year, (filling in for another teacher) but hadn’t hooked.  This year, I was reassigned to teach it again, but I got to hook it my way!  ‘Begin the Begin’ is a Geometric Sampler and has 4 different squares.  I’m not a fan of the Sampler format, so i wanted to bring all 4 squares into 1 cohesive design.  When I saw an Artwork at Friends’ House, I realized that Colour could be my method!

Artwork displayed at Friends’ House in Santa Rosa, CA

A simple Colour plan; Blue and Orange – Compliments, alternating light to dark.  Looking at my own stash, I found a dip-dye Yellow-Orange and another dip-dye blue pastel- lavender; a double Compliment scheme!  Outlining with my high-chroma yellow-orange in #5 cut, I would fill with my low-chroma blue-lavender in #8 cut.  Happy, happy, Joy, joy… i could hardly hook it fast enough to see if it would work!

'Begin the Begin' with high & low chroma... all together.

My Trainees were happy with the project, wanted to buy wool and start hooking!  I continued to talk about various Colour plans and possibilities for the pattern. I talked about the magic of using low chroma to tone down high chroma and conversely using high chroma to jazz up low chroma. Adding this knowledge of Colour to my own tool box is one of the bonuses of teaching and attending Western Teachers’ Workshop!



  1. Hi Laura, Do you have any patterns of “Begin the Begin” I would love to hook it. Donna

  2. Hi Donna,
    ‘Begin the Begin’ is a Charco pattern #PR1394-K, from The House of Price, Inc. Call Charlotte Price, 724 625-3415, to order the pattern… She’s in Mars, PA, not too far from you. it is a fun hook!

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