Posted by: laurawp | June 30, 2011

Teachers’ gathering in Eugene

it’s a yearly pilgrimage… Rug Hooking teachers from the West gathering in the beautiful little city of Eugene, OR.  Brigitta Phy and I traveled up together… following the old trail… Hwy 12 through the Sonoma Napa wine country, to Hwy 80 towards Sacramento, taking the short cut Hwy 505 to Hwy 5 north to Eugene.  We stop in Mt.Shasta for lunch and a break at the source of the Sacramento River; it’s in a little park where the river flows out of the hillside on the west side of Mt.Shasta.  My water bottle was almost empty, so I filled it with the cold pure water. 

Koda Chrome trucks on Hwy 5

A bit up the road, we pass the Koda Chrome trucks on the right… Gita drove slow so i could take yet another photo.  There were lots of trucks this year… even a black one (see on the right)!

Lush grasses along the Willamette River Walk in Eugene

Brigitta, Jennifer, Wendy and I started our day with a 45 minute walk along the Willamette River Walk.  It’s broad enough to allow pedestrian and bicycle traffic and stretches from Eugene to Springfield.  The bicyclists are obviously commuting.  I took my camera the first morning so i could share a few of the vistas with Cathy Kelly, who missed this year at Western.

Sunshine through the trees

I was happy to get Tanya Graham’s class on Monday… an artist and well known teacher from Eastern Canada; Tanya now lives just north of Vancouver, BC.  Tanya remodeled her pattern of a waterfall to make it resemble a painting of one of her favourite Canadian artists; Tom Thomson. 

Tanya Graham with her version of 'Falling Water'

After a lecture about composition which helped us all personalize our patterns, Tanya taught us how to hook the water and the splashes.  Tanya will be teaching at Little River Inn Rug Camp in November 2012!

table mates, Val Flannigan & Laurie Wiles also enjoyed Tanya's class.

With 1 short day for each class, water and rocks were our subject on Monday.

Another seaside tapestry hooked by Tanya Graham - big sky & little burros



  1. I’m finally getting to see what I missed this year. Tanya’s class looks wonderful. What a beautiful drive you and Gita had. I received the workshop report in the mail yesterday and was amazed at all the incredible rugs and reports.

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