Posted by: Laura Pierce | June 13, 2011

Teaching at Cambria – June 5-10, 2011

Most of my class at Cambria Pines Rug Camp 2011

It was an open class, so there were a variety of projects in my 1st class at Cambria; a couple of story rugs, several portraits, some of my patterns and a few independent artists. It made for an interesting week… what thrills me is that everyone seemed happy with their projects by the end of the week. We worked until about 11:30am on Friday… and I had the Hamburger lunch i’ve only heard about.

back row, l to r; Sarah Province, Carrie Burkett, Janine Larson, Vickie Hedin, Donna Bleam, Neta Hylton, Karin Padick, Mary Schnitzler, Dar Simmons and Bette Stanley.   front row, l to r; Susan Foerster, Laura Pierce, Nancy Samuels, Judith McReynolds.  missing; Carla Fortney, Susan Hillesland, Terry Tanner… and Donna Vlasak… who,at the last minute, couldn’t attend rug camp.


Judith and Karin working on their Portrait projects.


Judith and Karen came up with Carla Fortney and Nancy Samuels;  they are a fun group from southern California.  Terry and Bette are sisters from Illinois, Susan Foerster and Carrie came up from San Diego, while Vicki and Neta are daughter and mother, regulars from the SF Bay Area. 

Neta & Vicki at 2008 Cambria Rug Show

It’s great to have Neta in class… a friend and mentor, and Vicki is like a sister… we both have great moms!

Nancy and Neta hook with concentration

Nancy Samuels worked on her second rug, her own design; a covered bridge with a horse drawn buggy!  She made great progress on her first ‘Landscape’.

Sue H and Janine make good progress on their rugs

    Sue H and Janine came down from Oregon; Bend and Beaverton.  Sue was one of my independents… a rug artist using recycled wools and ‘coffee bag’ burlap, her rugs have a whimsy about them.  mostly ‘outline and fill’ dog Walter has a twinkle in his eyes!   We are all engaged in Janine’s ‘Story’ rug… of her grandpa’s fishing days in Astoria, Oregon, circa 1936.  She allowed the class to critique her border and got lots of creative ideas!  in the photo, Janine completes the netted corner.

More to come… the Rug Show and other members of my class…



  1. Hi Laura, The pictures are so wonderful. We had such a nice group of ladies who became real friends. It was a great week. I am still working on my bubbles. Donna
    P.S. Check out pages 40 & 41 of the June/July ATHA Newsletter.

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