Posted by: laurawp | May 30, 2011

Finishing for the Fair

do we all wait until we have a deadline, to finish up the details on our rugs?  Adding the label, with our pertinent information, adding the hanger, so it’s really a ‘Wall Hanging’, as opposed to a rug?

Label on the back of 'Cynthia's Dahlia Garden'


I know it lights a fire under my butt!  ‘Cynthia’s Dahlia Garden’ has been around and hanging on my wall for a while… and now I’m finally getting the label on it. 

I’ve been working on my Rug Diary lately, too.  Good information to have at your finger tips; how big is it, when did you hook it, where have you shown it…?

and I’m getting ready to TEACH at Cambria Pines Rug Camp!!!  i am excited about this!  it’s a great camp, and i am honoured to be on the teaching staff!  Thank you Gene and to all my supporters and students!!

Miniature portraits in a Landscape; 'Lattas in Fox Hollow'

 i had to find the photograph of the Lattas in Fox Hollow (Southeastern Ohio) to figure out what kind of flowers and foliage to put in the yard.  i heard that my great grandmother prided her flower garden and you’d better not spit a watermelon seed on it.  When i look closely at the photograph, i realize i should have been using it as a guide for hooking the clothing on my 5 relatives.  oh dear…   what i really want to know… is should i take it to Cambria for a good after class hook, or is it too complicated?

Cynthia serves cake at Emma's 93rd Birthday Bash!


Cynthia has retired from serving and hosting at Little River Inn Restaurant, but she can step in when needed… as she was at my mother’s 93rd Birthday Bash on May 1, 2011.  Emma had just published her 1st memoir, ‘How was I to Know’ and quite busy selling and signing them at her Birthday Bash.  Helpful hands were most welcome.   




  1. So true…..I’ve had a rug rolled up under the ironing board since Thanksgiving, and 2 weeks before the fair deadline I’m pressing and binding! Your Lattas are looking great so far! Susan

  2. Hi Laura; Your Lattas is looking good. I finally finished my portrait of myself and Dakota, I kept tweaking it. Now I don”t know if I should hook a border around. I am going to make it into a wall hanging. You should see Linda R’s portrait of her mom. She got it frame and it is looking very good. Have a good time at Cambria. Shirley

  3. Yay Cynthia!

  4. Hey Laura, was looking for you on facebook but haven’t found you yet. Decided to google you and found your website. See that you are still hooking away! I started oil painting a year and a half ago and have fallen in love!
    Anyway, think of you and your beautiful mom often and am so happy to see this picture o her!
    Hope all is well?
    my email is
    website is:

  5. I wish I would have known you and your mom when I lived in Mendocino in the mid 1980’s. i was a wanna-be-hooker, weaver and quilter. I did a short stint at The Little River Inn as a dessert server but then worked at The Cheese Shop in Mendocino. My husband was studying woodwork with Jim Krenov at College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg. I love reading your blog and all the pictures bring back glorious memories. Thank you from Patty in Vermont.

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