Posted by: Laura Pierce | May 4, 2011

Maryland Shores & Peninsula McGown Guild

Ocean City sunrise from the 11th floor
It’s easy to wake up when there are beautiful sunrises outside your window each morning… Wow!  The first morning at the Dunes Hotel, we were in the clouds on the 11th floor, but the ocean view got better each day.  Rooming with Ingrid is a good deal; she gets ups first and makes the coffee.   I got the window bed this year and last year… we just got into a routine.    yes…  Ingrid Hieronimus, the famous dye book author of Primary Fusion and Primary Fusion Spots.  Ingrid also runs a rug camp up by Niagra, on the Canadian side, eh!    I hope to attend next year… she’ll be celebrating 10 years of rug camping!

West Virginia Hills - designed & hooked by Sarah Province

Another sunrise, celebrated by Sarah in remembrance of her college days in the hills of West Virginia.  Sarah and Phil always take me in on my trips to Maryland, which makes the trip even more special!  This year they had installed a bird feeder, plus a squirrel feeder; so we enjoyed watching all the action in the back yard.  sometimes the neighbor cat would come over to watch; Sarah has hooked a rug about him, ‘Chappie in the Garden’ and will show it at Cambria Pines Rug Camp. 

At MD Shores, I had a great group of talented students with challenging projects; portraits, mermaids and landscapes!   Not only did we make great progress, i feel like i have made several new friends.  I’m looking forward to being out on the East Coast again, this coming October for the  ATHA Biennial.  I’ll be looking and hooking up with new friends, old friends and cyber friends!

1st dye day in my new Dye Kitchen

It was a long trip home; one of my suitcases went astray for a couple of days, but all’s well that end’s well, eh?  Upon my return, I had just enough time to make 12 patterns and 12 wool kits for my next teaching assignment; a glass vase of flowers for the Peninsula McGown Guild!  Cathy Williams invited me down to her lovely home in Los Gatos to teach a class on ‘transparency hooking’!   

I tried out my new Dye Kitchen to dye the glass vase wool, plus some of the ‘Blue, Green, Purple’ spot background.  I found out that the oven burner had not been adjusted yet and I had to do my spots in my mother’s oven.  A call to the ‘Handy Man’, and he was soon there adjusting my stove in the midst of my dyeing. 

'Cathy's Tulips' designed & hooked by Laura Pierce

When Cathy and I talked about this project, I figured I could hook glass because I’d painted glass in a water colour class many years before.  Since I like to use a photo visual for such projects,  my first challenge was taking a good photo of a glass vase of flowers.   My garden is blooming quite profusely these days, but when i was preparing for this piece, it was winter-time.  I bought a bunch of tulips to photograph and enjoyed them so much, I bought another bunch after they expired.  My mother bought me more tulips for my March birthday and my husband has continued the tradition. 

The Glass Vase workshop was intense but we took it one step at a time.   I stay with my dear friend, Pat Merikallio, in her beautiful Cape Cod home in Capitola.  We stayed up late talking rugs, family and life!  

These days i’m preparing for a Portrait class for my own guild; the Wine Country Rug Hookers and an open class at Cambria Pines Rug Camp.   I’m looking forward to another dye day in my new little Dye Kitchen tomorrow.  at this rate, i’ll need to order more wool!



  1. It’s great to hear how you prepare for your workshops …and your dye kitchen… it wonderful!!!!!! Thanks for sharing my hooking and our fun at Maryland Shores…It was a fun time for us too…and we’re still enjoying the birds and flowers! Sarah

  2. Laura, I love the photos you posted. Another beautiful rug by Sarah Province. I don’t know if you know that I went to Niagara-on-the-Lake two years ago. It was a wonderful camp and I had the best time. It was fun getting a chance to attend a camp in Canada.

  3. Hey Gail,
    great to hear from you! are you all ready for the Camellia City Hook-in?

    you did tell me about the wonderful class you took from Cec Caswell at Niagra… did you say you’ve just finished up your ‘Romantic’ project?

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