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Rughooking Dance Card!

Thank you everyone… those of you… who have taken one of my classes in the last 2 months!!  and all my wonderful hosts and hostesses!!   it’s been a wild ride… Anaheim, Victoria, Vancouver, Maryland, and Los Gatos!   I’ve met many wonderful and interesting people, visited old friends and been inspired by the rugs, vistas and adventures!

Oval Fruit rug by Jane Olson

Ocean Coast Classics in Anaheim have an annual Workshop and Hook-in each March; I was their guest teacher this year and taught a class on Fraktur Design! It was lots of fun as i love sharing design techniques and Frakturs. My students came up with some great little rug designs and I look forward to seeing them hooked up!

I traveled to Anaheim with Brigitta Phy who taught a Beginner’s class at OCC.   Brigitta drove and knows her way around LA.  We stayed with her grandmother, Jane Olson!  That was a big treat all the way around…  I was the first one upstairs and chose the bedroom with the little oval rug; i couldn’t resist… it’s a simple yet fabulous little gem!  As you can imagine, staying with Jane was special and inspiring; her house is full of beautiful rugs, collections and chairs!  Jane’s friend, Diane, cooked scrumptious dinners for us and Jane’s daughter, Marilyn, joined us at the round dinner table each night.  I heard family stories about Jane, her family’s Bakery, handsome Bert and the adventures they had. 

Brigitta Phy and Gene Shephard in his back yard

Brigitta and I visited Gene Shephard after class on Friday.  He was busy dyeing and getting ready to go teach at Texas Yellow Rose rug camp; a yellow rose swatch dries in the foreground.  Brigitta and I enjoyed the drive home; the morning long shadows on the Grapevine, the beautiful blooming orchards of the Valley, soon we came up over the hill into the SF BayArea, down 580 to the Maze and north to Sonoma County. 

Next, i traveled north across the border…

'Faces' workshop in Victoria, BC

Sheila Stewart invited me up to Victoria, BC to teach an ‘Impressionistic Portraits’ workshop!  A delightful group of students; it was great meeting them and working on faces together.   After class there were adventures around town; a walk in a park, dinner at a tony Pub, another dinner at the Yacht club, and a couple of dog walks.  Rug hooking and discussions after dinner each night with Sheila and Ruth made for a fabulous visit!

front row, l to r; Christa Boehnlein, Michaele Freeman, Val Flannigan, Jean Campbell, Sheila Stewart, Betty Collins, Sunny Runnels, Jo Wright.

back row, l to r; Karen Otterman, Linda Biggs, Arlene Phillips, Linda Rehlinger, Laura Pierce, Kari Lane Campbell, Shirley Burns, Joanne Tjaden, Ruth Scott.

BC Ferry ride from Victoria to Vancouver - Islands

After a quick tour of downtown Victoria, Sheila drove me up to the BC Ferry terminal where i caught a ferry ride to Vancouver.  Michelle Silver picked me up on the Vancouver side, we stopped at Max’s for lunch, visited UBC Anthropology Museum, drove by of her favourite beach park,  and stopped by her studio with the picture window view of Vancouver!  A quick stop at her home to unload my bags and freshen up; we joined her family at an Ethiopian restaurant to hear her husband’s jazz trio play – wonderful!

Visiting a Rug Show at Deep Water Cove

l to r; Michelle Sirois-Silver, Fran Moore, and Sandra Sirois admire the Hooked Rugs out of view.

The next day started with a visit to Deep Water Cove to see a Hooked Rug Show at Seymour Art Gallery;  ‘Incredible Treadables – Gone Hooking Rug Group’  It was wonderful to see the Hooked Rugs displayed as Art; hung on white walls with appropriate lighting.   on our way back to Michelle’s, we ran into Cec Caswell and her son… (on their way to the rug show) at the fish shop… great ‘Fish & Chips’ for lunch and beautiful fresh fish for sale!

that afternoon, my childhood friend, Gordon Frank and Marelyn picked me up to go out and visit my neighbor friends, Aileen, Trish and Bob Frank in Port Coquitlan.   It’s an important connection in some way… people that were part of my growning up… family of a sort. 

Bobby's 5th Birthday in Terrace, BC

 Bobby, arms folded at table, Laura next to him, Mom Aileen behind us, Trish 4th left of Aileen, Gordon sitting left.  it was another reunion and good to get caught up.  Dinner at Trish’s was a delicious treat!

my last day in Vancouver, Rug Hooking friends Tanya and Freda stopped by and took us to the VanDusen Botanical Garden Centre nearby.  Spring was just getting started in BC but the park was not yet in full bloom.  VanDusen’s bones are good, there are themes, structures and several sculptures throughout the vistas.

Irish Shelter along the path at VanDusen

There’s also a very nice Restaurant at VanDusen and we had an elegant lunch, Chardonay and seared tuna with mixed greens for me… yumm!

Michelle and I photographed some of her rugs on that last afternoon… She started her first rug with Barb Kennedy… and is forever grateful. Barb said… ‘Go for it!’ …a long hall runner!

1st Rug - designed and hooked by Michelle Sirois-Silver


Next up; Maryland Shores and Peninsula McGown Guild…


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