Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 18, 2011

Monterey Bay Rug Camp 4 + my birthday!

I’ve had a couple of very busy weeks. i started this blog entry back on March 7th… a Monday birthday … my mother stopped by with a beautiful bouquet of tulips!

Laura and her siblings; Mary, Johnny & Jimmy 1951

Yes, i’m the youngest of 4 children… a gift!  I’m the one to deliver 2 grandchildren, so it was worth the trouble.  Named possibly for my mother’s Aunt Laura;  there was a very popular song out in the late 40’s… ‘Laura is the face in the misty light, but she was only a dream!’  ha!  that’s me for sure!  I’m glad to be here and grateful too. 

Charlene Kerber's aspens... in brilliant autumn light!

Charlene and her sister, Nancy, came with large beautifully drawn patterns.  Apparently, Nancy’s husband is an artist and helped out with both of their landscape patterns!

Fun Sunflowers; by Laurie Wiles... other fibers...

Laurie Wiles little rugs are a feast of textures… Proddy Micro Fiber… plus plastic and … ? other stuff!

Plasticine Fish by Laurie Wiles

Laurie knows how to pack light… she really couldn’t afford much room in her suitcase… flying down from Edmonton, Alberta.  Besides, these little pieces are really outrageous… so what better place to show them, eh?  purple plastic fish… in a deep blue plastic sea!  they are very soft and subtle… amazingly! 

Wednesday Rug Show & Tell

 In the rest of theWednesday Rug Show, we learned that Sea Otters wrap themselves up in seaweed before they go to sleep… that way they don’t drift out to sea and get lost.  Pat Merikallio’s rugs are more than mere artwork, they have stories in their making.  Stories about Mergirls and Mercats, Pegasus and Medusa along with constellations.  Pat enjoys a little research into her subjects and creates her own style of Rug Art!

Mergirl and Mercat by Pat Merikallio

it seemed appropriate that Pat bring  a rug about sea creatures… even though these creatures are part New England Americana! looks like a very fun hook!

Pegasis by Pat Merikallio

Pegasis is translucent as only Pat can rendor in wool!  Pegasis, the most beautiful creature of the ancient world, was born from the head of Medusa; check out the Greek legend.   the border is classic dip-dye Greek.



  1. You’re so cute I can’t stand it!

  2. ha! that’s nature’s way of ensuring our survival… thanks!

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