Posted by: Laura Pierce | March 4, 2011

Monterey Bay Rug Camp – 3

Carmel Succulent Garden by Sarah Province

The depth that Sarah achieved in her hooking of these succulents caused many of us to take a close look; were those pink blossoms 3-D proddy?  No; just #3-cut shading magic.  Marny Cardin owns this lovely ‘Fiber Painting’ and brought it for the ‘Show & Tell’.  Sarah & Phil Province have developed a method of framing that Sarah will share at next year’s Fiber Jam*.

Brigitta Phy is re-creating her grandmother's painting.

Brigitta came back to Capri Jone’s class to continue working on this painting of Daisys.  Capri showed her how to sort her left-over cut wool into the values and hues and create a noodle palette.  Brigitta has lots of noodles, but was able to trim down the pile to the eccentials and looks forward to finishing up this masterpiece at home.

Carla Fortney leads a visual colour & dye class

Carla Fortney taught a beautiful Colour & Dye mini-class on Tuesday afternoon.  She illustrated the Colour Wheel with dyed pieces of wool created with 3 ‘Primary’ Pro-Chem dyes.  Her notes and her lecture stepped through her journey of mixing the dyes to create Primaries, Secondaries, Tertiaries and beyond. 

Carla Fortney and her extended colour wheel

After the colour wheel was dyed, Carla explored the additions of complimentary colours; the results are natural & complicated colours that will make your heart sing!

Brigitta Phy leads a class in Proddy Purses

The evening mini-class was more fun creating Proddy Purses.  Brigitta brought patterns, handles, linings and Bling!  Students added motifs to the basic pattern, then got started with hooking, prodding and embellishing.

Brigitta Phy talks about completing the purses.

After the purses are hooked, the sides are folded in and whipped together; then the lining is fitted inside and pulls it all  together.  The purses only take a few hours to make and are a great way to use all those pretty fabrics and leftovers you have in your stash. 

Capri Jones pulls loops on a Sea Scape

After class, Capri spent some time working on her sea scapes; miniature vignettes that she can sell at the Quayside Art Gallery in Pensacola, Florida.

Second seascape in progress by Capri Jones

Another seascape vignette being developed by Capri in the evenings at rug camp.  It was inspiring to many campers to watch her little seascapes come to life and know they could take her mini-class on Wednesday evening;  a slide show and discussion about ‘Ocean Colour and Sky Above’!

*Monterey Fiber Jam will replace the Monterey Bay Rug Camp next year; same time, same place, different format.  I’m taking sign-ups and proposals at this time, so contact me if you’re interested in joining us for a creative Fiber Artist Retreat!



  1. Wow! What beautiful rugs! Funny about the one with the succulents….I’ve googled and googled pictures of them….thought they would look cool in a runner that would be a trough filled with a variety of succulents. Way cool! And those little vignettes…how wonderful! I’ve been hooking up a storm this weekend, finishing up my last garden rug and then throwing together a couple of small projects for hostess gifts. Glad to know you have a blog…will have to add it to my blog roll!

    • hi Tammy,
      thanks for stopping by. i stopped by your blog and see you’ve been working on a Spring rug… i didn’t go back thru your entries to see what the process was…
      i’m too busy with events this year… good to be popular, but difficult to keep up. i’m heading off to Anaheim on thursday, to teach Fraktur Designs for rugs. i’m looking forward to sharing the information and techniques, but would like to do some dyeing before i go… not sure that’s going to happen.

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