Posted by: laurawp | February 23, 2011

Monterey Bay Rug Camp 2011 -2

Dramatic sky at Asilomar beach entrance

One of the main reasons fiber artists like to attend rug camp at Asilomar is the beauty of the campus and accessibility to the beach.  Surrounded by beautiful landscape, we are nurtured and nourished by nature.  The rooms don’t have telephones or TV’s, thus encouraging you to take a walk around the campus or along the beach.  Phoebe’s Social hall is set up as a grand family room, with a big fireplace, pool tables, wi-fi, TV, etc.

Marny Cardin taught a mini-class on Miniature Rugs

here, Marny helps China Dusk with her miniature rug project. 

Emma Logan and Brigitta Phy stitch on their mini-rugs

these projects are so small, they go anywhere!  Chain stitch outlines and french knot fills; really fun to make tiny rugs for… your dollhouse, or a name-tag, or an embellishment to some other fiber creation.

Rug Show & Tell on Tuesday

It was such a treat to see some of Marny’s rug collection!  2 rugs by Heather Ritchie, 2 rugs by Sarah Province, a rug by Diane Stoffel and a rug by Marny.  Also, a rug by Pat Merikallio, 2 rugs by China Dusk, 2 rugs by yours truly and several sewn baskets by Kate Smith!

Black Bear Cubs by Pat Merikallio

Pat was working on this rug last year at Asilomar.  it’s always fun to see what kind of border treatment Pat will create!  the Lupins are fun, too.  Busy Bees buzz around the lupins and honey comb border.  This is the 1st of 2 rugs Pat is making for her new twin grand-babies.

Rugs by Heather Ritchie, Sarah Province & Diane Stoffel

Sometimes it’s better to see a rug in a photograph; the depth shows up with the distance.  I didn’t see the arm holding the puppies until I looked at the photograph.  The sheep dog shows quite well from further away too.  Diane’s rug is called ‘ Remembering Asilomar’ and her whipping blends in with her hooking.

Marny Cardin says, 'Don't Cry ... Eat Pie'

This is the first of Marny’s little people rugs.  She was working on one at camp… just hooking in the little people as she went.  I’m wondering if there are 4 and 20 blackbirds in that pie…?


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