Posted by: Laura Pierce | February 21, 2011

Monterey Bay Rug Camp 2011

Afternoon sunshine on Merrill Hall at Asilomar

This was my view from Triton Meeting Room at Asilomar on the first afternoon… it was short lived.   My daughter, Emma, and I were set up against the fireplace wall with my wool and patterns; nicely lit from the hanging lights.  Carla Fortney’s class was set up in front of us, but their lighting was not as good, so we switched places. I don’t know the history of Merrill Hall; it is a beautiful big building and we hope that someday it will be our meeting hall!  We dream big!

'Hunter' by Roland Nunn

The Sunday Rug show consisted of 2 rugs that Roland Nunn sent to show; we were very sorry Roland couldn’t attend this year, but happy to see his completed rugs.  In the background are little sewn baskets made by Kate Smith and Brigitta Phy setting up her vending table. 

'The Hunter' by Charlene Kerber

The rug show on Monday included this rug by Charlene Kerber; another hunter and his best friend heading for a warm cabin.  It was a cold week at Asilomar this year but the only snow was in the rugs!   

Mary Schnitzer hooked this William Morris design.

Mary explained her multi-value red background on her version of this William Morris ‘Rabbit Rug’. 

Laurie Wiles & Gail Becker in heart shirts

Monday was Valentine’s Day and these campers had the spirit! 

Zipper Heart Pins mini-class by Laurie Wiles

Laurie Wiles started off our mini-class line-up with her Zipper Heart Pins!   Her kits included 2 hearts and a star; the base of the zipper pins. 

Tracy Johnson & Sharon Clarke on their way back to class

Walking around the 100 acres of Asilomar with fiber artist friends is part of the Monterey Bay Rug Camp experience!



  1. Laura, the pictures are great! What a good week! Thanks, Sarah

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