Posted by: laurawp | February 9, 2011

Enjoying some Tulips

Long Stem Tulips posterized

i have so enjoyed having these bought Tulips!   Hot pink tipped with yellow… on long stems.  nothing like these would grow in my Adobe yard!   I’ve been working on a project for the Pennisula McGown Guild and it’s enriching my life with bouquets.    I have finally drawn a pattern and will work on it at Asilomar… Monterey Bay Rug Camp, that is.   Our 2 teachers at camp are masters of colour, so if i can’t find the wool i need in my stash, i’ll surely find something at camp!  Brigitta Phy is bringing her store again, which is expanding.   She has taken over her grandmother’s ‘Ruggers’ Roundtable’ and created her own website;

ip Poppies Galore - almost finished!

Meanwhile, i’m coming in on the finishing line with my Poppies!  1 more poppy and a purple border to go.  i have a bag of purple noodles (cut wool) that is supplimenting my own ‘hot purple’.  But first a #6 row of Diane Stoffel multi colour steam pot wool!  i’m just feeling a tiny urge to tweak the light tips on the pink poppy… it will be a pleasure.

i’m trying to get as many patterns made for my upcoming students at Maryland Shores Rug Camp and a ‘Faces’ class in Victoria, BC.   i have to get packed for Monterey Bay and need to spiff up the guest room for a friend; Capri will come and stay with me for a few days after camp.  We’re going to do some serious goofing off; a trip to the beach, a trip to SF museums and a trip to the wine country!   

 i wanted to blog 1 more time before camp…  it’s almost my 1 year anniversary as  i started ‘Laura’s Loop’ right after Asilomar Rug Camp last year!   it’s been fun sharing rugs, photographs and inspiration; thanks for visiting.



  1. Laura, the poppies are looking good! Looking forward to seeing them in person at Asilomar! We fly out this afternoon and I was all packed last night! Probably too soon — what have I forgotten?!? We had a light snow last night but nothing on the roads, but some flights were delayed yesterday, since the storm came across the midwest — I think just south of us. Congrats on your one year –bouquets to you! Sarah

  2. Laura,
    I have been quietly following the progress of your Poppies rug and love the work you have done. Your talent is awe inspiring. Maybe I’ll get the chance to one day see them and all the other wonderful rugs of yours in person. But Florida is a bit of a stretch for me.
    Congrats on the upcoming first year anniversary.


    • Hi Trisha,
      nice to hear from you. i’m enjoying the colours on the Poppy rug… and am glad it’s getting done; i’ve got a couple of assignments i need to get to! Btw, i’m actually in California… and Asilomar is near Carmel and Monterey, where i’ll connect up with Sarah and all my other campers.

  3. Laura,
    Your poppies are absolutely gorgeous!

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