Posted by: laurawp | February 3, 2011

Thursday Group support – Poppy Background

in progress Poppies Galore - wide cut floral

i’m feeling better about the poppies; getting some background in has helped tie everything together.  at Thursday group, my friends’ reactions were positive; the colours are working!   i’m thinking about a purple border; playing with a multicoloured spot – 1 strip around, then purple.  i decided to iron it tonight;  i’ve been packing my loops a bit and the piece was getting stiff.  

Seems like i’m finally in the home stretch with this rug!   i need a little more purple in the orange poppy center… and look forward to 2 more poppies.

Monterey Bay Rug Camp is coming up; i need to start packing up and making lists.  i have a  new special project that i need to develop for the Pennisula McGown Guild and hope to have my pattern and wool ready to work on at camp.  With my daughter’s help at rug camp, i’m actually able to pull some loops!



  1. I look forward to seeing what you are cooking up for our guild!

  2. hi Sharlene,
    I’ve finally got a pattern… now to hook it… and come up with a class plan, eh?
    ‘7 Tulips’ in a glass vase like a bubble… ha!

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