Posted by: laurawp | January 27, 2011

Background Foliage

Happily, the background poppy foliage is making this rug come together.  Finally, i feel like i may finish it; that i’m over the top and on my way down.  Not without changes and concerns, of course.  nothing is ever totally easy… and if it were; would i be satisfied?

ip Poppies Galore - blue green leaves

yes, the leaves are very graphic; outline and fill with a slight bit of value-ing… that’s my preference.  The poppies don’t look like poppies… but the clues are there… ha!  the outlined poppy in back had to be put behind… the petals were drawn to be in front of the red back poppy and the leaf coming up behind the seed pod.  i decided i could change that, and it didn’t take long.

ip close-up of Orange Poppy center.

More purple?  should i replace the black with purple?   i’m now wondering if i need to get rid of the green in the Poppy centers…  that green is ‘darling’ and you know what Mary Anne Wise says about ‘darlings’…  ‘get rid of ’em!’   aaargh! 

catch a class with Mary Anne if your get a chance!



  1. Is the center of that foremost poppy a little heavy for the color of the petals? Maybe the purple in place of the black would do it. I like the greens! Sarah

  2. yes, it’s rather like black mascara on a fair skinned gal. thanks for your insight.

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