Posted by: laurawp | January 25, 2011

She advised ‘More Purple!’

i was talking with my friend, Pat Merikallio… moaning about my Poppies Galore.  just not working, even though i’ve been slaving away… ha!  She simply said, “there’s a lot of purple in those poppies!” and i knew she was giving me a tip!  purple will certainly save me… i can see things working already.

ip Poppies Galore; more purple, more black, less center knob.

i’ll probably pull out a bit more of that center knob green tonight.  now i’m starting to wonder what the border will be…?

i got the thin envelope from RHM today… ‘Cynthia’s Dahlia Garden’ didn’t make the cut.    of course, i don’t hook my rugs so they’ll get into Celebrations… and this rug is very special to me! 

'Cynthia's Dahlia Garden' 2010 wool on linen



  1. Sorry you got the thin envelope! I didn’t enter this year, I didn’t need more stress in my life right now.
    Can’t wait to see the purple. Maybe in that center knob instead of the black?
    I wish I could hang out with Pat. What a great hooker!
    See you in April.

  2. Laura, Your poppies are looking good! I mailed a copy of the picture that I’m using for my project at Asilomar to Capri – it’s the little photo of my grandmother and me when I spent a month with my aunt in Christiansburg VA. It will feature my aunt’s garden of hollyhocks, rose and sweet peas (hopefully). I’ve almost finished the puppies that I’m doing for my friend in March so I was able to plan for a new piece.

  3. Laura, . By the way, I got a thin envelope too – on my Blue Ridge Mtsn. hooking.
    The previous comment was posted accidently before I was ready! Ha! We’re having another inch of snow and sleet now (9:30 am) and ten inches are predicted for tonight! Hopefully, I can get some organizing done in my hooking room and also get my registration for the Biennial ready to mail! Sarah

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