Posted by: Laura Pierce | January 20, 2011

Thursday group

Winter day at Sundawg Vineyard

I joined my friends at Thursday Group today; it’s been awhile for me. it’s good to have fiber friends… take a break and connect with each other, see what each other is doing, talk about what’s happening in our lifes, getting out in beautiful Sonoma County. 

Doxy's of the north coast in a Bubble

Not sure i’m getting this one…  but it’s fun anyway.  Found this is my ufo’s  and i’m enjoying a break from the Poppies.   maybe i’ll put some smaller bubbles in the corners…?  possibly i should extend my border.  Probably, i should rehook the bottom doxy’s with duller colours… ha!  it’s colourful and fun, so maybe i’ll make it into a round seat pad.   hmmmmm…



  1. I think a seat pad would be great. For that old piano stool?

  2. This reminds me of the cow that jumped over the moon. Instead, Two dogs jumped over two dogs… Ahhhhh, Anita’s back! Just being silly… I like this rug. All your bubbles rugs you do a good job!

  3. Anita! where have you been?
    yes… i like ’em… doesn’t matter if they’re supposed be in a bubble or not! ha!

  4. Hi Laura…
    I’ve been quilting. I know, should be hooking. My Tucson guild is having a Hook In this Saturday, We are expecting 50 people… Hookers from New Mexico and Calif are coming down for the day. It should be fun!!
    You seem to be busy as well. Are you going to do another workshop? Where do you find the energy?
    I got to get on Cambria’s kit… then worry about Tish’s workshop. That’s enough for this year. Looking forward to seeing you in June.
    Nice user name, huh? Hahaha, I use it for all hooking related websites so you’ll see it everywhere!
    I also downloaded a picture… Until I can take better one, as that was taken using phone camera. Okay girlfriend… Keep in touch! ~Anita

    • yes… very nice name… you’re going to have to switch gears… have fun at your Hook-In!!

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