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Monterey Fiber Jam

i’ve been thinking about changing the rug camp format at Asilomar… and hope you can join me in 2012. Asilomar is a beautiful place in a special part of the California Coast; at the mouth of the Monterey Bay. it’s a wonderful place to gather with other fiber artist and enjoy the artistic atmosphere. there are no phones, no tvs and no coffee makers in the rooms; it’s rustic. but Phoebe’s Social Hall has a tv and coffee shop with snacks, waters,and gifts to puruse while you wait for your latte. the historic rooms have a common living room with a fireplace and couches for hanging out in the evenings. it’s an opportunity to take a break from the regular routine and do something for yourself. see below and let me know if you’d like a registration form, thanks!

2000 Asilomar beach panorama by Lwp

Monterey Fiber Jam at Asilomar
A creative retreat for Fiber Artists ~ February 12-17, 2012

Join us at lovely Asilomar, a former YWCA® retreat designed by Julia Morgan and built in 1913 with a unique setting in Pacific Grove with wonderful Arts & Crafts Architecture. Surround your self with sea air, pine trees and walks by the ocean. Renew old friendships and gain new ones at this stimulating adventure of fiber artists; jamming with ideas, techniques, projects, and accomplishments.

Laura Pierce is hosting this 1st Monterey Fiber Jam on the California Coast! She looks forward to orchestrating a week of Fiber Art inspiration, exploration and exchange. Bring a project to work on and a finished piece for Show & Tell. Propose a small class, a slide show, a lecture or a panel discussion with details, photos & pricing. I’ll make up a listing of proposals for all attendees to consider. Based on response, we’ll schedule the first 3 days with activities and events. The last day will be open; to finish up conversations, projects, whims… or just jammin’!

Emma Logan will maintain the Retreat Store; let me know if you have items to sell. With your help, we can stock a store full of basic supplies, fiber art and extras.

After you get moved into your guestroom; come to our meeting room and set up your nest. After dinner on Sunday evening, we’ll have a little meeting with introductions and a review of our week. You can get started on your project if you like and work until 10pm.

Our accommodations are in ‘Stuck-Up Inn’, a comfortable Historic Building centrally located. Down the hill is Phoebe Hearst’s Social Hall where you check-in on Sunday at 4pm. All meals are provided in the Grand Crocker Dining Hall!

Asilomar Conference Center will collect the Housing Fees directly from you and will be your contact in regards to room assignments. They will contact you if they need additional information. After room assignments have been made, Asilomar will send out confirmations via US Mail. The housing fee is due on December 12, 2011. The approximate costs below are for the Asilomar Housing fee only:

1. Share a Historic room with another Fiber Artist; approx. $625 each,
2. Stay in a Historic room by yourself; approx. $885,
3. Bring a non-retreat companion (includes meals for both); approx. $1190

Monterey Fiber Jam registration fee is $75 and is separate from the Housing Fee and is payable to Laura Pierce    (707) 762-2595



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  2. Laura, this sounds interesting! I like the idea of just bringing something to work on and not having the pressure of preparing for a class. I’m trying to think of ideas for a mini-class. Are you suggesting that members of the group propose an idea that they would be willing to lead? You are brave to try something new and different and you can get campers feed-back at this year’s workshop. I’ll be very interested in your feed-back. We’ll come no matter what! Sarah

  3. yes… each camper will propose a contribution… if not a mini-class, a lecture or slide show or panel discussion. for instance, if you knew certain other people were going to attend, you could talk with them about a group project.

    i also hope some people will propose other fiber arts… wool applique or doll making or needle felted landscapes…? it can be very interesting to see how other people approach fiber art.

    depending on how many people sign-up, it’s possible that we won’t do everything that is proposed. hopefully people won’t get their feelings hurt if their proposal is not voted in. i think there needs to be down time, so i don’t want to jam pack our days. i do need lead time to pull it together…

    i’m glad to count you in!!

  4. This is a great idea. I don’t live far from Asilomar and would love to attend. I’m interested in spinning and weaving but I’m not experienced enough to lead a class…those are my interests though.

  5. I like this idea.

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