Posted by: Laura Pierce | January 10, 2011

Mini-Classes at Monterey Bay Rug Camp

2 of 3 Proddy Purses Brigitta Phy is offering in her Mini-Class

Included in the price of this class are your choice; 1 of 3 small purse patterns, assembly instructions and lining.  Brigitta will have various supplies available for additional purchase; purse handles, beads, pretty silky materials and wool.  These glitzi purses are perfect for the Oscars, the Opera, the Symphony or a special night out!  They also make great gifts.  Easy and fun to make; you’ll probably start designing your own.

Proddy and beads finish off the Black Velvet purse

Our other Mini-Classes include ‘Dye-Techniques’ with Carla Fortney and ‘Ocean Colour and Sky Above’ with Capri Jones.

Carla Fortney's 'Stained Glass Water Lillies'

 Carla is a Colourist and we’re looking forward to her Dye mini-class.  Capri will lead a discussion about the connection of water and sky.  

Clouds and reflections at Shollenberger Park in Petaluma

The other 3 mini-classes offered at Monterey Bay Rug Camp are show cased in an earlier blog; October 10, 2010.


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