Posted by: Laura Pierce | January 9, 2011

Sloan Miniatures finishing

while i was at our WCRH guild meeting this saturday, i was whipping the edge of my ‘Sloan Miniature’.  It was fun to show it everyone as an alternative to the ‘Wide-Cut Portraits’ that I usually do.   The whipping yarn is big and hairy… but the colour works well.  We have a knit shop in Petaluma, called the Knitterly!   there are lots of beautiful yarns, supplies and artwork too. 

Sloan Miniatures - hooked by Laura Pierce 2010

one of my friends commented that it was nice that Mabel’s parents are both pointing in towards her.  that’s natural… what would it look like if i switched them?

switched portraits make independent Sloans.

Mabel and her mother go together… they’re both looking at us, but her father is on his own. Glad i did it the ‘natural’ way…  i’m looking forward to adding them to our Portrait Gallery.  there are so many photo portraits i could do and these miniatures certainly make them more feasible.

here’s a couple more photos i have on my list…

Latta Children 1920, l to r; Mary, Jack, Lois, Emma, Marge

my mother’s folks were Baptist Missionaries in Burma; she’s the baby.

Fox Hollow, southeast Ohio; Latta's - my great grand mother & father in center

 of course these photos are more like Story Rugs.  The individual portraits make a better miniature portrait combination.  This portrait adventure has been fun!



  1. What great photos! I can’t wait to see what you do with them. Susan

  2. thanks Susan,
    i do like putting colour to the sepia toned photos…
    the Foxhollow one would have to be big… 20x 40″, i think. pretty intimidating to me… ha!

  3. Laura, what wonderful photographs! It’s great that you treasure your family history and are preserving it. Your finished protraits are so good – I’m jealous! You’re inspiring! Sarah

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