Posted by: laurawp | January 1, 2011

Back to Poppies Galore…

I haven’t been real happy with my Poppy project… the shading has been evading me… i’m blending my values and cross swatching gold orange with sherbert orange… but i can’t seem to get it.  I did some of the yellow poppy at the Fair, so that could account for a lack of concentration.  Getting back to this project … i decided to start with the seed pod.  i got funky and used some blue plaid to outline the pod-top…   oh boy!  that does it… outlining!  don’t ya just love it? 

ip... in progress... Poppies Galore

I was checking out Donna Hrkman’s WM page and noticed a technique she uses…

ip Poppies Galore... shading

i transfered my cross-hatching to the backing!  you still have to blend your values… but the result is so much better!    I feel much better about the project now… it’s fun when it’s working.



  1. Laura, I just love your poppies, they pop! (Had to say that, laughing….) I would have never thought to use blue for seedpods, wow. And yes, outlining them works. I must try that. Love that pattern too! ~Anita

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