Posted by: laurawp | December 23, 2010

Miniature Fun!

Sloan Miniatures - Mabel gets her hair

i was surprised how much some hair could change things… but Mabel’s hair put this project into the final stages. 

miniature Sloans trio

I filled in the background of Mary Scofield Sloan… in a traditional method… lighter on one side and darker on the other.  i may have these reversed, but it’s working for me.  a gold brown frame with blue shadow, then a brown/blue plaid matt.

Miniature Sloans with classic green background

I like the classic approach to background and change Mabel and William’s background accordingly.  Now i’m in the home stretch… just hook in the plaid matting!

Finished hooking the Sloan Miniatures

It’s hard to keep taking progress photos once you’re in the home stretch.  i’m happy to have finished this little piece.  i’ll whip the edge and stitch it to a stretched backing.  I might even frame it.  Meanwhile… what’s next?

a Gene Shepherd design - finished and whipped.

Once i removed the purple, this piece was a very fun hook!  i think i’ll sew on a pillow case backing… it’ll make a great little color spot on a couch or comfy chair.

tiny wedding rug for Kirby and I

My conversation with Anita inspired me to whip the edge of this little Wedding Rug I made for Kirby and I.  yes… we’ve been married a long time!  Glad to have each other.  The little bird on the house is a little fatter than i would like… ha!  The bird in the tree is chirping a song!  ‘A Song for You’ by Leon Russell  or ‘Your Song’ by Elton John… either way, they were both muscians we listened to back in those days.



  1. I really love the family portraits. I want more of these! Plus, we’re all so darn cute. 🙂 Once you have a collection (which you already do) I think it would be really fun to hang them all on one wall, even if just for 1 picture. Seeing Nanny, Dad and Will on the stair wall inspired me.

  2. Merry belated Christmas, friend!! It’s going to be an awesome New Year… I love how you hooked the miniature photo that you showed us, and everytime you post an update of this project, I’ve been meaning to but always forget to tell you that the center lady, didn’t you say is your Great-grandmother Mable? You look just like her. Even in the rug portrait. You did a great job with it.
    Got a question… Why are you calling the green background classic, when the old photos were black and white? ; )

    Also, I do love your wedding rug. The colors are great as was the year, 1973!!

    • Happy Winter Solstice Anita! i’m so glad the days are getting longer! yes… i think 2011 will be exciting!

      classic in a painterly style… i think. sort of a dull background, lighter on one side and darker on the other. you’re right though… black & white or more likely… sepia for the old photos. i do love a bit of colour.

      thanks for the compliment… Mable was a beautiful gal! my Dad’s Mother. My cousin, Polly, is doing the same rug… her Dad and mine were brothers.

      yes… i guess the wedding rug is kind of psychedelic… ha!

  3. Congratulations to you and Kirby. I remember 1973 and Elton John and Your Song… and two cats in the yard. Now I have two cats in the yard. I met Lindsay in 1973, we moved in together in 1975 and married in 1980.
    Interesting those Baptist missionaries in Burma. I was brought up Baptist. My Grand Manan ancestors were Baptist and and my father’s mother. Both sides of my family alternate, Baptist and Anglican, (episcopolian in the U.S.A. — can’t spell it)

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