Posted by: laurawp | December 21, 2010

Wedding Rugs

Does a Wedding Rug have to have names and dates? 

Wedding Rug for Emma & Justin, hooked by Emma Webber, 2006

We call it the Wedding Rug since it was given to Emma & Justin as a wedding gift.



  1. I love your mother’s Wedding Rug much better then a traditional Double Cross rug… because I love the hit and miss hooking. One day I’m going to try hooking a blank rug backing!! Just take it and run with it.

    About your rug not being their style… Today, I would never give anyone a hooked rug that didnt show a liking for them. Which is why I haven’t really made a commitment to hook my Godson his rug… His mother, told me, “Liz won’t like it…” haha! Which means, their dog will… I guess you can’t force your style or collections on other people. I’ve learned that the hard way…

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