Posted by: laurawp | December 15, 2010

Hooking Sloan Miniature Portraits

Miniature Sloans - hooking nose, cheek and jaw lines

Okay!  Here we go… 1st the outlines… even the ears.  #3-cut beige, I can pull it out later if I need to,  i just need a place to start.

Miniature Sloans eyes and lips...

putting in the details; everything will look wonky for awhile… until i get more face filled in.  Then, I can shove loops around to where they need to be.  each loop counts in a Miniature!  I’m enjoying getting back to the miniature portraits… I’m not sure I can explain the attraction… something about what you can accomplish with a few loops, an end here and there.  shove or stroke a loop into the right position… it’s magic!

Fill in shadows and the rest of the face plus hair lines.

It’s fun adding colour; everyone comes alive!  I’ll use my ‘green shadow’ for the background and am happy to hook the outer edge of my faces.  (Will H Sloan’s  beard is kind of weird… very different from any I’ve seen!   He was ‘Styling’ in Cincinnati – 1850’s) 

Miniature Sloans - fine tuning and adding background.

In the middle, Mabel was looking to round in the face; i took out some of the cheek outline and re-hooked the background.  Her nose line has been re-hooked several times… still not quite right.  The trouble with making portraits of yourself or your relatives is… you want it to be perfect!!!   I’m enjoying using up some used cut wool from a ‘re-purposed’ pattern.   Obviously, i like the colours and they’ll make great framing materials on this little piece!

Miniature Sloans - adding the frames and matting.

I was surprised to finish William 1st… !  i also added my signature, this is getting finished fast!  I’m going to Thursday group tomorrow, I can’t work on the portraits, but i can work on the background; that was my thinking.   It’s been fun, i think I’ll go hook!



  1. The lady in the center is wonderful, Laura! How do you do it??? I’m still trying to refine “Elena”, but I think I’m finished! I have it on the ironing board! Sarah

  2. PS. Thanks for the “step by step” process. I’ll try it again!

  3. thank you Sarah! i’m afraid there is a rather big jump in the steps… i try to take a photo at the end of each hooking session. i guess i get more hooked sometimes than other times. These Miniatures are are a challenge, and I have to be in the mood… ha!

    I’d like to give Mabel (in the middle) a bigger smile, but there’s no room and i don’t want to pull any loops out… i’m afraid to mess it up.

  4. The smaller smile makes her more Mona Lisa…in on a secret.

  5. thank you Emma, our secret, eh? last night I hooked in her hair… wow, even that makes a big difference!

  6. Hi Laura,

    I’m impressed with her teeth. They look perfect. Is each one a loop?

  7. Laura,
    Your work is awesome… And to think I get to milk your talent!! Hahaha, can’t wait to see you again @ Cambria!

  8. Anita… what are we going to work on at Cambria?

    Dawnell, it does look like a loop per tooth… nice new piece of #3cut white… it just happened that way.
    i’ve done more loops per tooth in the wider-cut… looks ok too.

    i’m excited to get it done…
    there are lots more family trio’s i could do… nice and small… ha!

  9. Laura,
    In January, I want to get working on my kit for Cambria then Lil River…

    Cambria – I’m hooking a portrait of my parents, they were just married eleven days and look like kids! Daddy sitting in a chair, Momma standing at his side, with a look on her face… “I got him!” It’s an outdoor black and white photo, behind them is a barn, so my momma says…

    For Tish Murphy’s workshop at Lil River I want to do a self portrait… It’s your job to make sure I don’t hook myself looking like Liz Tayor or Petunia Pig. I think I kinda look somewhere in the middle of those two… Hahaha!

    It’s gonna be fun… Lots of laughs for sure.

  10. omg… Anita, you’re cracking me up! ya… i’ll remind you to look more like Liz Taylor… for sure girl!! that’s right the Marriage photo of your folks!! it’s gonna be lots of fun!

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