Posted by: laurawp | December 9, 2010

End of the year tidying up

Flying Dog Hookery pocket calendar

I’ve got several projects going here… including my little pocket calendar; January – June 2011.  I’ve been sending them out in the mail to all my fabulous customers and will take more copies to our Guild meeting on Saturday.   If you’d like one, let me know.

Ho, Ho, Ho! Milo and Rufus anxiously await Santa!

Another project is the Christmas Cards; I have fun making our own with Photoshop. At first, Kirby wasn’t too thrilled about homemade Christmas Cards, but then he went shopping… ha!

Since 2003, I’ve been taking Digital Photos; I shoot alot more photos… and consequently… have lots more photos to organize, etc. I use 3 different programs to organize with; Photoshop for cropping and color correction, Windows My Photos to copy to disc and quickly view photos, and Dell Image Expert for printing and naming files. unfortunately, i have not been ever vigilant about printing (at the least) proof sheets of each batch of photos. Yesterday, i started with January 2010 and got as far as February 19, 2010. This is going to take awhile. Plus, i want to get back to my Photo Albums… select the best photos and have them printed on real photo paper and paste them into the albums. Am I crazy?

Asilomar Pine Trees and cloudy sky

Not sure I need to put my photos into albums… maybe I should get one of those electronic viewers instead.  

Finally, the other tidying up I’m trying to accomplish is cleaning up emails.  which ones do i need to save?  and get rid of the rest!   The dust will have to wait.



  1. Merry Christmas Laura,
    I’m doing the same… A bit of cleaning up before the new year!! Not my computer, although I should make back-ups of everything!! But my spare room that was supposed to be my little Rug Studio and ended up being a storage room for junk and boxes of old papers. I’m getting on top of that mess to scream, I am woman, hear me ROARRRRR!! Hahaha! (I’ve always wanted to scream that…)

    I just love your calendar, save one for me!! Your pictures of late have been great. Love all the rugs you posted of your Little River Camp… I need to get some of my own rugs completed to show at Cambria AND Little River Camp 2011.

    Can’t wait for the new year to start, there are lots of new hooking projects to make into little kits for camp!! Keep in touch girlfriend… ~Anita

  2. Ha! i’m hearing your ROAR, Anita! my daughter’s old bedroom is my rug room… can’t really call it a studio… mostly stuff piled high. The Light-Box is the only thing that doesn’t get piled too high… need to use it too often… ha!

    i’ll send you one of my calendars… good luck with your Rug Studio! and have a happy holiday… girlfriend!!

  3. Laura, your calendar is wonderful – all the different rugs bring back memories of fun times at rug schools, etc! It’s good to see Milo and Rufus too ready for Santa. I’m attacking my hooking room too! (Also one of my daughters’ old room). Now it has to ready for a granddaughter at Christmas – at least room for her to get in the bed and a little space for her belongings! It got pretty bad when I didn’t put the wool away between hookings! Is that a lesson learned??? Ha! Merry Christmas to all hookers! Sarah

  4. Laura,
    I recieved my calendar too. It’ll come in handy and fits perfectly in my notebook. Thank you, ~Anita

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