Posted by: laurawp | November 28, 2010

Projects: Finish ’em or Give ’em away!

Robin Price's WTW class - Navajo style rug

The time has come… finish up some of those rugs that have been put aside for other projects.  This little Navajo was my favourite project from Western Teachers’ Workshop 2010.  Each year there is at least one project that I can’t wait to hook!  Since i’ve been on a scrap basket kick… this one fell right in line.  The wool isn’t from the scrap basket, but it uses colours that are readily available and has that ‘use it up’ feel.   Robin Price was our instructor and she wisely had us check the straights of the lines.  it was also important to hook first and reposition lines as needed.  i used #8 cut with #4 cut outlining.  Since the #4 is half the width of the #8, i could simply cut a #8 strip in half, where needed. 

Piano stool rug with Scroll design from the Cherry wood Piano

Before our House of 2 Studios Open House & Hook-In on November 20th, i sorted through the many UFOs i had stored and decided which ones needed help, which ones i could live without and which ones just needed to be finished.  The UFOs that needed help were then analyzed to see what the problem was.  The Piano stool rug was one of them; i started this rug back in the 90’s, and hadn’t thought much about the background.  that was the problem, so i pulled out the lavendar background and decided to go with the light spot of white, yellow and orange.   The yellow strips were added spontaneously… they were sitting in a little pile nearby and tempted me.  It was such a pleasure to finish this little rug!

The little pile of yellow strips was part of a bigger pile from another wtw UFO that i wouldn’t finish.  I didn’t want to give away the ton of wool that the project required, so  i decided to reverse hook it and will soon re-purpose the linen!

Gene Shepherd Geometric Floral

This is my latest hooking project, saved from the UFO pile by pulling out a bunch of purple; it was dull and deadly.  I’m replacing it with gold glen plaid, light skin colour and brown/gold/green spot; the project is singing once again!

 I put together several little kits of patterns in progress with wool to give away at the Hook-in.  I included a KK Teacozy pattern that i would never hook and made one of our guests very happy to receive it.  All in all, a lighter load and good feelings all around.



  1. I just laid out all of my unfinished projects too! Tis the season. 🙂 I love the piano stool rug; it turned out just perfect.

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