Posted by: laurawp | November 25, 2010

Coastin’ home after a week of Campin’

Barbara Benner & Barb Kennedy at LRI

Chris Friedman shared her photos with me; here’s one of her room-mate, Barbara, and her teacher, Barb!

Sarah and Phil take Pat's ipad for a spin!

Pat enjoyed sharing her new toy; an ipad, which works fine at Little River Inn.  Phil needed directions to the Oakland Airport; once he saw the map, the directions made sense.

View of Gualala River at the Ocean

Gualala River, sand and sea

I like to drive down Hwy 1, along the coast on my way home from Little River Inn Rug Camp, each year.  Generally, it takes an hour longer than going back on Hwy 128 to Cloverdale and Hwy 101 to Petaluma.  But on Friday;  there’s traffic on the main roads, so down the coast we go.  Gualala is the last town in Mendocino; once you cross the Gualala River, you’re in Sonoma County.

Looking south on Hwy1, north of Timber Cove

I promised myself  I’d pull over when we got to the ‘Rocky’ part, and take some photos.  Next time, I’ll pull over a little south of this spot, as there were many more beautiful views.

Hwy 1 Beautiful iInlet view for goats!

It was a nice surprise to find this herd of goats living on the edge of this landscape. 

Seals basking at the mouth of the Russian River

This is the last break along Hwy 1 coming into Jenner.  These little Harbour seals hang out on the beach;  and it’s always fun to see them.  Next time i’ll bring my binoculars!

Russian River meets the ocean at Goat Rock

Once i get to the Russian River, I feel like i’m almost home! We still have a ways to go, but these are my old stompin’ grounds. Soon we’ll be to Bodega Bay and will turn inland to Petaluma. They’ve straightened the road alot since i was a teenager driving to the beach; i feel like it’s practically a strait shot!



  1. Laura, Your photos are beautiful – we like that drive too!!

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