Posted by: laurawp | November 22, 2010

Thursday at LRI rug camp VII

Nancy Miller Quigley's class at LRI rug camp VII

Thursday is the busy day at rug camp; it’s the last full day of camp.  Everyone wants to get as much progress on their projects as possible; the show and tell on the deck is after class, then group photos in the garden.  This year we reversed that since we had an unplanned Raffle of items donated to us; Barbara Benner donated a Jesse Turbayne book, Nancy Quigley donated a retractible Rose fob, Brigitta Phy donated a beautiful dipped piece of wool from her mini-class and I donated a ‘Pumpkin Kat’ pattern.   The folks from Horse Feathers, a little store at LRI, started the ball rolling;  Todd the wood carver donated a ‘I hooked at Little River Inn’ sign, Francis donated a beautiful button pin and Cynthia donated a pair of torquoise ear-rings!   There was also cake and ice-cream to celebrate Nancy’s birthday! 

Barb Kennedy's class at LRI rug camp VII

Our photographer was waiting in the garden, so we had our group photos taken, then assembled on the deck for ‘Show & Tell’. 

Kate Smith's Hydrangea rug - started at Asilomar w/Helen Connelly

We all enjoyed watching Kate modify some of her hydrangea blossoms, then finish the last 3. Several years ago, Kate had started this rug with Helen Connelly, but was frustrated with the results. She realized her darks were not dark enough and was then able to proceed and enjoy finishing the blossoms and leaves. The lath border wool is dyed and ready to be hooked; I hope we’ll see this rug completed and in the Rug Show next year!

Elaine Garcia's project - bright birds!

Elaine showed people where to get free designs on the internet. Her ‘Birds on the Nest’ was a fun hook!

Pat Merikallio worked on another rug for her new twin grand babies!

In response to a challenge, Pat designed these ‘Tumbling Pachyderms’!

Susan, Brigitta & Kathryn enjoy the 'Show & Tell' rug show.

Happy, yet melancholy… Thursday afternoon is the beginning of the end of camp.


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