Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 21, 2010

Little River Inn… rug campin’ 3rd day…

Fog and wind move in...

On our 3rd day of clear and beautiful weather, the wind picked up and the sea became rougher.  it’s always exciting to see the waves crash on the hidden rocks!

Ole's Whale Watch Bar; the morning view.

 The bar doesn’t open until 12:30pm, so it’s clean and abandoned when we come in for our breakfast each morning.  The view from the bar is of the Pacific, whether there are whales migrating or not.

Cynthia looks on as Dana Jones teaches her Locker Hooking mini-class.

we offer 6 mini-classes at Little River Inn Rug Camp… Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, after class and after dinner, we have fun at the center tables!

Dana checks in with one of her students

Dana Jones class on Locker Hooking was the one people wished they had signed up for… maybe we’ll ask Dana to teach it again, next year!

Jaynie Kind's rug "Sardine Lake"

it was great to see Jaynie Kind’s rug at the Rug Show!  Jaynie worked on 2 different projects in class and took many of the mini-classes.  I think she knows how to get the most out of a rug camp!

2 Kitty portraits by Pat Merikallio: 3 of Diamonds & Trick or Treat!

it’s always a pleasure to have my friend, Pat Merikallio, attend rug camp.  Her rugs are so creative and lively, we all enjoy seeing them in the rug show.  We are so fortunate to have so many Rug Artist attend Little River Inn Rug Camp… our rug show is Fabulous!

Lake in the Mountains by Maureen White

it was wonderful that Maureen could pack a couple of her rugs in her luggage.  She flew down from Montana with her friend, Lynette, to attend Barb Kennedy’s class.   The rugs of her chosen home in Montana reminded me of that beautiful country with high mountains against the great prairie. 

Our Little River Inn Rug Camp is a camp that restores your batteries… gets you charged up to do something more special, something you’ve thought about doing, something that accomplishes a dream.



  1. Thanks, Laura, It’s great to relive our happy memories at LRI Rug School Sarah

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