Posted by: laurawp | November 17, 2010

Rose Squares rug – a biggy for me!

Rose Squares, a scrap rug! 7x7 4inch squares

I was trying to get my 2 borders finished up at Little River Inn Rug Camp… it has been a fun rug… once i figured out where i was going with it… ha!  i’ve had the red squares hooked for several years… didn’t know where i was going with the rug… just wanted to do a traditional quilt type rug. 

I recieved several inquiries about a pattern … but longer.  I used Photoshop to add length to the original… how about 7×11?

a longer version of Rose Squares - 7x11 4inch squares

notice the rounded corners… 2″radius… easier than a 90 degree corner!



  1. Laura, I like that enlarged size of your “Rose Squares” rug and I also like the rounded corners! I use that often, cut a wool binding on the bias (aka: Bev Conway) and it makes a nice edge. So the final finished rug would be 28″ x 44″, correct? Thanks for showing my Color Family #5 rug! Also the pictures bring back good memories! I’m off to Roslyn’s Friday morning class. Sarah

  2. Laura, I like the larger sized rose rug as well. It looks more balanced to me in addition to being more the size I wanted.
    Loved all the pictures. Too bad all the wonderful display rugs couldn’t be posted!
    Great scenery shots also! That helps me describe the wonderful setting to others in addition to the great classes.

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