Posted by: Laura Pierce | November 11, 2010

Fun times at Little River Inn Rug Camp VII!

Sun Rise at LRI rug camp... from the Annex - room 124

It was lovely at Little River Inn!  The weather was so wonderful… my campers will always expect beautiful sunrises each morning!  The fog came and went… all day, everyday.  Very mysterious were the wind-whipped waves… one camper asked if we should be alarmed; beautiful weather and white-caps!  was there a sunami off shore?

We just have been very lucky at Little River Inn Rug Camp!  It all works out, we don’t know how… it’s magic!  Speaking of magic; the mini-classes at LRI were another big hit!  Brigitta Phy taught a fun and informative Dye Class!  Dana Jones tantilized  folks with her locker hooking with cottons!  My students gave their best efforts to the Miniature Portraits… a quick and intensive portrait class!  Cathy Kelly led many of us on an exploration adventure to the land of Creativity!  Our teachers, Nancy Quigley and Barb Kennedy, wowed their students with their knowledge and generous spirit! 

Little River Inn Rug Campers 2010

We’ve never had the problem of sun in your eyes before… we were so blessed with beautiful weather!   The gardens around Little River Inn are constantly cared for and beautiful.  Barbara Benner talked me into having our photos in the garden between Abalone Hall and the Dining Room several years ago… thanks Barbara!

Barb Kennedy's 'Mountain Home'

It was fabulous having Barb Kennedy teach one of our classes… her last teaching gig!  She gave away one of her rugs and sold another.  This one of her home in Calgary remains with her.    Kate Smith’s little baskets, residing below Barb’s rug,  were for sale and quite popular! LaRae Schneider’s ‘Oslo’ pillow along with Barb’s ‘Geometric’ complete the vignette!

Next year, same time… Join Nancy Quigley and Tish Murphy for another fun week of Rug Hooking at the Little River Inn!



  1. Laura, Did you just say Tish Murphy is coming to Little River Camp next year? Dang… She’s on my list to take a “people” workshop with! Haha! Count me in for next year!! ~Anita

  2. Oh Anita, it will be so fine to have you join us! i’ll send you some info!

  3. Your sunrise picture is gorgeous, Laura!!! I don’t think that I saw one, but sunsets instead. it was a fabulous week – the best ever! The hooking, the people, the accommodations and the food were topnotch! Sarah

  4. Laura, We need to see MORE pictures? How did the mini portraits class turn out?

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