Posted by: laurawp | October 27, 2010

Last Minute details! Little River Inn Rug Camp 2010!

Working on my list… up over 20 items listed… feels good to check them off!  I have company coming before the camp… the guest room is ready, the futons are ready to flop out on the living room floor!  then we’ll all go up to Little River on Sunday and leave Kirby and the weiner dogs all to their lonesome for a week!

Little River Inn Rug Camp is full to overflowing… 14 per class is plenty!  It’s a small Family Vacation spot… and there is only room for 2 small classes in the Abalone Hall… our classroom and rug show room for the week.

The staff at Little River Inn is expert at taking care of folks on Holiday!  they pamper and please… and the view is so nice and the food is too!   If you’re coming, please drive careful!  we had frost this morning,  more rain is expected, with clearing on Sunday… our drive day.   Bring your rugs up to Abalone Hall and select your hooking spot!  

They have set aside the Wisteria room for Rug Hookers from 5-6:30 each night; we can order from the Bar Menu for our dinners.   The Little River Inn Dining Room opens at 6pm and reservations are suggested; the menu and service are divine!

We’ll be very happy and snug in our classroom in this rainy weather; the windows will probably be steamed up!  I’m looking forward to being with 31 other fiber artists for 5 days!

2009 Nancy Miller Quigley's class at Little River Inn



  1. Wooohooo, start your engines!

    • Yaye! i’m getting ready to make stew… for my company… coming sometime today! looking forward to ‘starting my engine’!!!

  2. Ahh man, I wish I could go… always focusing on these California workshops, make me wonder if that’s a beacon calling this California girl home?

  3. i was thinking i would see you at Cambria Pines… right?

    however… one of these days you should come to Little River Inn… it’s different than Cambria… much smaller and right on the coast. you can watch the waves all day long, but we’re too busy with our rugs!

    i know… i don’t have to convince you.

  4. Yes, Im going to Cambria again next year and pretty excited about taking your class…

    It’s really funny how I met you last year at Cambria… When I first discovered rug hooking, I’d spend hours online hunting for information on hand hooked rugs and finding loads of it on rugs, wool, websites, teachers…
    One day I found your Emma rug, and told my sister who makes jewelry, “Look at this rug, Marie, this little girl, she’s hooked so good, she looks like a painting. And Marie said… dang, the bubbles look so real, I want to pop one”.
    So for sure, I had you down on my mental list of teachers to learn from, then who sits down next to me in Ann-Marie’s class at Cambria, 2010, but the bubble lady herself!! haha.
    So, yes, I cant wait for our class, There’s much to learn…. ~Anita

    • oh Yaye! i’m glad you’re in my class! what are you going to work on?

      • Laura, I want to try my hand at portraits. I want to hook a picture of my parents. It’s a simple photo, taken in Texas, 11 days after they married. Daddy is sitting in a chair, Momma is standing right next to him. dirt at their feet, barn behind them. But I also have another photo, haha, one of my best friend’s mother. One of those old fashioned glamorous head shots… She has heavy dark eye make-up on with long false eye lashes. Wow, so pretty. I’d love to try hooking those eye (with your help of course…) haha!

        Who knows… I might pop up at Little River, next year!! Gotta save for it now, though! ~Anita

  5. Can’t wait! So ready for a relaxing week of seaside hooking~~~~~

    • yes… see you soon! travel safely!

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