Posted by: Laura Pierce | October 20, 2010

Miniature Portraits Pattern

from family photos... 3 Sloans

I decided to offer a mini-class of Miniature Portraits at Little River Inn Rug Camp!   My inspiration was the wonderful reception i got when i posted those mini-portraits a few months ago.  I used self portraits painted by artists that i found by searching on the internet.  The advantage of using painted portraits is that the colors and shades have already been selected.   Hooking the portraits is then a study of that artist’s technique and expertise.   It’s an exercise in hooking portraits with a minimum of loops to see if you can get the essense and resemblance.  

Louise Vigee-LeBrun and her daughter

In preparation to teaching portraits, i searched for self-portraits that illustrated the quarter-turn face; this angle gives the illustrator the advantage of a soft profile of the nose along with both sides of the face, making it much easier to create personality.
The internet search led me to discover many artists; one was Vigee-LeBrun and her many portraits from the 1700’s. She was a friend of Marie Antoinette and survived the French Revolution, by pianting portraits elsewhere. There is a bounty of portraits by Vigee-LeBrun and they are lively and colorful!

i am going to offer a variety of 3 or 4 mini portrait patterns;  a trio of portraits by Vigee-LeBrun, the Sloan photo pattern and other combinations.   I’ve got several rug hookers signed up for the class and I’m looking forward to our adventure!



  1. Girl, I just love your mini portraits. Can’t wait to see what you do with them… ~Anita

  2. Hi Anita,
    thanks! my cousin gets to hook the Sloan Trio pattern… our paternal grandmother and her parents! i made 2… so maybe i’ll get a chance to start before my class… then i can demonstrate those end-loop-end bits of hooking!

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