Posted by: Laura Pierce | October 15, 2010

Garden Square Roses… almost finished!

Garden Square Roses - in progress

I’m still trying to figure out the roses… using scraps of cut wool is a challenge, but has it’s rewards too. I have inherited wool from former rug hookers, including some very long dipped pink wool. I think it came, indirectly, from Janene Conley, a former Sonoma County Rug teacher. She did a demonstration of dip-dyeing for our guild, way back in the beginning… possibly 1997 or 1998, when we were still meeting at each others’ homes. the pot was on the floor and she was on a stool… dipping a very long piece of wool. so… it’s fun to think of having some of that wool in my little rug! It looks nice in the centers of a couple of roses… but i didn’t want to start using it in every rose. When i started this rug i was making each rose unique and scrappy.

'Dana's Celtic' in red by Nancy Miller Quigley

Meanwhile, Nancy Quigley has been hooking some celtic knots with dip-dye wool. We’re both getting ready for Little River Inn Rug Camp, coming up at the end of the month. Nancy’s dips are beautifully dyed and transition long and even… then the hooking is a pleasure!

Orange dahlia at Cynthia's

I don’t know if the dahlias will still be blooming in November, but i will visit my dear friend Cynthia, regardless. Cynthia just retired from running the Breakfast crew at Little River Inn, so she won’t be taking care of us this year at Rug Camp. I’m hoping she will come up to Abalone Hall, see our rugs and visit with all her ‘hooker friends’!

yes… I think I will have to do another Garden Square rug… with dahlias!



  1. My heart dropped when I heard of Cynthia’s retirement. I know it’s well deserved. Seeing her every morning was a huge part of made my days at Little River so special.

  2. Forgot to add I can’t wait to see her!!!

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