Posted by: laurawp | October 1, 2010

3 more Studio Classes – Scrolls tomorrow

William Morris Acanthus Leaves

Autumn is here and I’m into my last series of Studio Classes. Striving to make classes interesting and helpful, I made a list of subjects we could cover. The class direction is determined by the participants; pattern design, colour planning, pulling beautiful loops, last Saturday. Tomorrow, we will venture into Shading… specifically Scrolls. Don’t we all love scrolls? William Morris loved them and apparently doodled them… Ha! I don’t seem to doodle much any more, but I think I’ll try and get back into the habit.

My hooked version of Wm Morris Acanthus Leaves

There is not much shading in my hooked version of Wm. Morris’s Acanthus Leaves… just subtle differences of leaf colours, outlining and a dark background to push the leaves forward. I could have introduced shading with dip-dyed wool, but I had enough of a challenge to just follow all the bends and curves of the leaves. It is good to know that the old ‘Outline and Fill’ method works to some degree. I have another Wm Morris piece in the works; a bit of his ‘Forest’ tapestry. The Crow stands on a branch surrounded by scrolly leaves; which I was attempting to shade with #3 cut swatches. Work, work, work! Needless to say, it is not finished; just the Crow.

Wm Morris Forest Crow
Forest Crow in greys

I am thinking that I will pull out the scroll work already hooked and try again… simplify it… use #5 cut with 3 values.  That way I can finish it and give it to my mother… she loves Crows!

Ha!  I know you want to see my sorry version… when I dig it out, I’ll photograph it and share it here.
So, in class, we will use pencils to shade scrolls.  We’ll practice before attempting to paint with wool!




  1. I DO want to see your version. Maybe you’ll be working on it tomorrow for craft day?

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