Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 28, 2010

Garden Squares… a traditional rug

Garden Squares - in progress

this fun traditional quilt squares rug is my current obsession!   it’s sort of an opportunity rug… an odd shaped piece of linen, a box of red strips, a love for traditional block rugs… Viola!

I’ve rounded the corners, something that Kate Smith does to her rugs, to save from whip finishing a 90 degree corner.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes! 

not sure how i’ll fill the borders on each end of the rug…  but it will figure itself out.  

close-up on Roses

i hope i can master these roses… it’s hard in #8 cut… maybe i should keep my values closer… hmmmm?



  1. Laura, I think I like this rug… Yeah, yeah I do. It grows on you. Plus any rug with purples I can live with!!
    Also, I just loved the small flowers outlined in black on the Opportunity rug…

  2. Laura, I love this rug! Did you design it yourself?I do like squares of things and the roses, tulips, and the “in-between” are great! I like that each rose is shaded a little differently. Great colors too! I haven’t looked at your website in awhile. We just got back from San Diego last night and I’m catching up!

  3. Good Morning Sarah,
    hope you had a wonderful trip!

    yes… i did design this little rug… first i drew out the squares and hooked the 7 red ones in the diagonal row. then it sat for quite awhile… until inspiration struck! after i started hooking and throwing it on the floor… i decided to switch the tulips so each row is facing a different direction.

    i need help with my roses… going to look in some books at the studio this morning. i’ve got a few more to do…ha!

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