Posted by: laurawp | September 26, 2010

WCRH Opportunity Rug – in progress

Tulip Rug in progress

Some where along the line, i was given this pattern.  It has a Rug Art Supply tag on it, so it is possibly a Pat Horn design.  I gave it to our guild as a possible ‘Opportunity’ rug; the politically correct name for a raffle rug.  After it was agreed that it would be our next Opportunity Rug, a group of guild members (Judy Cortez, Nada Ferris and Jeanine Hillman) got together and colour planned it with donated wool.   The hooking began with Chris Friedman and she started on the ribbon, then  Andra Auz-Olson worked on the bows and ribbon.   Next up was Jeanine Hillman who hooked small flowers and outlined them in #3 cut black-watch.  Nancy Bailey and Carole Haskins continued the hooking of leaves and flowers.  The rug then went on retreat and more flowers were hooked by Gail Becker and Chris Friedman.  Emma Webber hooked many flowers before she passed it on to one of our new guild members, Dawnelle Ricciardi.  Meanwhile, we asked Marita Friedman to go ahead with the dying of the background. 

Adding background between flowers and in squares.

 I received the rug yesterday and was anxious to hook in the background and see how it worked with the flowers and ribbon.  It is so lovely to see the #3 cut turn into a tiny outline.  I decided to mark up the background so that other guild members would have a structure to hook by.  i also smoothed out the curved corners,  x’d the previous lines and hooked in a couple of squares which will be straight hooking alternating horizontal to vertical.  it creates a subtle texture while keeping the hooking interesting.  it also prevents ugly hooking in the boring (get through this) center.   the squiggle lines I added in the border give a random but controlled direction for hooking this last part of the rug.  if we don’t have enough background to completely fill this area, we can add a second dye lot and it will all blend together.   

Looks like this will be another wonderful rug for some lucky Opportunist!



  1. What’s wrong with “raffle rug”?

  2. ‘Raffles’ are illegal in many CA counties or the state… apparently. Opportunities… not so much. Many people consider Raffles to be a form of gambling. Bingo is not far behind, but is allowed to raise funds for special causes… like paying for Music in our schools or any other school need.

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