Posted by: Laura Pierce | September 22, 2010

Talent at Western Teachers’ Workshop – Eugene 2010

I love going to Western Teachers’ Workshop… because of the attendees and the Rug Show!

Nancy Terhaar's version of 'Hampden', design by Jane McGown Flynn

here is Nancy Terhaar’s interpretation of a ‘Crewel’ design, taught by Sally Ballinger.  what luck to have Sally teaching your class, the Oriental and Shading Master and house mother at Western!  What luck to have Nancy Terhaar in your class; a master at detail!

LDP Flynn Floral

who is LDP?  looking in my Western Report, i’ll guess that it’s Lynne Powell’s rug.  Don’t you love the cross swatching she does with the veins of the flowers and leaves?   I was fortunate enough to have her class; on fine-shaded Holly Hocks!  it was a very interesting and an informative class.   I might even finish my piece for next year’s rug show.

The White Rose

Not sure who hooked the White Rose… isn’t it exquisite?   Is it cross-swatched with the blue leaves?  the grey with the pink… a white rose with j’ne se pais!  please step forward if this beauty is yours.  i can see no signature in the rug…

Whole White Rose rug

Suzi Jones' class project Suzi Jones’ Class on the ‘Native Loon’ rug was the one I had to miss.  that’s the hard part… choosing between several fabulous classes.  sometimes you don’t get a choice, since you’re at the end of the line… but when you get to go first… it can be tough!



  1. Laura, you are right about hard choices… There are so many workshops and classes I want to take. Landscapes, portraits, snow, glass… animals. You name it, i need to learn it!!
    Great Loop you have here…

  2. thanks Anita, good to hear from you, too. yes, so many ideas, so little time. we need to use our hooking time well.

    my friend Nancy asks, what is cross swatching…?

    Cross swatching is where you use 2 swatches and mix the lights with lights, the mediums with mediums and darks with darks. Basically; mixing 2 swatches to create a richer (in colour and values) swatch. the swatch colours are usually close in colour but not always. the similar values let the colors blend very well.

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