Posted by: laurawp | September 19, 2010

Maryland Shores Rug School 2011

The brochures for Maryland Shores Rug School are out! Rug Hookers that want a particular teacher are getting their registration forms in quick. I’m looking forward to returning to Maryland and having a visit with Sarah and Phil Province before the trip to Ocean City. It’s a beautiful time of year, with blooming Azaelias, Dogwoods, Tulips, Coral Bells, Forsynthias and Cherry Blossoms at the Capitol.

Dogwood blooming next door

I’m looking forward to seeing many of my new friends, working with some returning students and presenting an evening Mini-Class! I’ll know my way around a little more this year and plan to join the party in Eric’s room after hours! I’m hoping Eric will still be working on his richly coloured Oriental and will bring it for further appraisal. He is planning to sell it when it’s completed, so I hope he’s taking his time.

Gibson Girl Northeaster

The trip from Silver Spring to Ocean City crosses the farmland of Chesapeake Bay; I’m going to look for Michener’s book, ‘Chesapeake’. It looks like an interesting place to live and knowing some of the history will add another layer of appreciation. Ocean City has a history of ‘getting away from it all’; a vacation spot with a long board walk from the Dunes Hotel to the action down by the Jetty. This year, we had beautiful weather with long sunrises to enjoy each morning. As a Westerner, I was surprised by the small ocean waves, but folks reassured me that the waves are more impressive in a ‘Nor-Easter’.


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