Posted by: laurawp | September 17, 2010

Visiting the North Coast

Laura & Cynthia in the dahlia garden

This time of year, you cannot visit Cynthia without receiving a bouquet of dahlias… freshly cut from her garden. Kirby and the wiener dogs came along for the visit too. We took a walk down to one of their neighbors’ place and he’s growing dahlias too. They live in a beautiful forest off the paved road and right next to a wilderness. They find indications of mountain lion and bear visits to their property, while the deer are a constant nuisance and are fenced out of the dahlia garden.

Road between neighbors - second growth

Spikey, gold and pink Dahlias

it’s been another good year for growing dahlias; the fog and sun make them particularly brilliant! They are all so beautiful; i took about a 100 photos. here’s a photo where you can practically feel the sunshine!



  1. That is a fantastic photo of dear friends.

  2. You’re good with a camera, Laura. Those are beautiful photos.

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