Posted by: laurawp | September 12, 2010

borders or frames?

A Frame for Sir Walter

in Photoshop; I’ve cut them apart and given each of them a simple frame. i could add another line or 2 of #3-cut outlining to each portrait, then visit the original idea again.

the Island Girl with a peach border

If I’m going to offer a Miniature Portrait mini-class, i need to come up with a simpler pattern; just 2 or 3 portraits. I’ve since looked up ‘Miniature Portraits’ and find that they were quite popular in the 1700’s and 1800’s and frequently were oval.

Now I’m thinking about using portraits of my family ancestors… photos instead of paintings.

Sue Bell Morgan Webber - my father's father's mother

Mabel Irene Sloan Webber - my father's mother



  1. Laura~
    I’d love to do a mini protrait workshop… Your’s are awesome!! Funny that your grandmother is smiling… Ive never seen an old photo of anyone with a smile on their face…
    ~Anita in Tucson

    • Anita,
      i know what you mean…. however, my grandmother’s mother was a photographer and Mabel was quite comfortable in front of the camera. i heard Mabel liked to sing Opera too, but i never met her or heard her sing.

      my Mini-Portrait workshop should probably be a 1-day workshop, not a 1 1/2 hour mini-class!

  2. Laura, Love your mini photos. Very nice.


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