Posted by: laurawp | August 28, 2010

Miniature Portraits x8

Hooked miniature portraits

Now the plan is to cut them apart, finish the edges and frame them in a 5×7 frame.  My mother feels like I need to keep them all together… as is…?    Meanwhile, I will tweak a few… the bottom right ‘Mother & Child’… her skin is too dirty, the Japanese Geisha…her nose is too defined, the lady in between…her hat isn’t obvious, Rembrandt…his bottom lip needs colour, Gaughan’s lady…her nose needs work.

I’m hoping I can teach a good mini-class of Miniature Portraits… I’ve signed myself up for a Little River Inn Rug Camp mini-class this coming November!  I Googled ‘Miniature Portraits’ and found that they were quite popular in the 1700’s – 1800’s;  that’s before Facebook!



  1. I agree with Mom. I’d like to see them stay together with different frame designs hooked around each one if you have room.

    Whatever you do, they are wonderful.

  2. thanks Elaine… nice idea to hook each with it’s own frame… hmmmm. as a teaching piece, it’s good to keep it all together. i can’t cut out a couple, because they’re too close… hmmm

  3. Laura, I have been forgetting to look at your web page. I like your minature portraits – Shakespeare? is particularly good – also #2 and 4. I agree that you should probably keep them together – would you ever get them individually framed? Lots of work! Hooking frames would be more fun! I can see that these minatures would help one to practice how to SIMPLIFY a portrait and learn what’s important and how to hook the basics. (a good lesson for me!) Hope your workshop with Diane is going well! Sarah

  4. Girlfriend…
    I say, separate the photos… Put them in antique style gold and silver or carved wood frames for a unique grouping…

    See you in class @ Cambria 2011

  5. Hi Laura,

    Somehow, I didn’t know you had a blog and someone just sent me a link. It’s fantastic.

    I love the little portraits and agree you should leave them together. The individual frames are a great idea.



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