Posted by: Laura Pierce | August 18, 2010

Bubbles & Bubbles

Donna Holdiness and Maureen Boswell signed up for my class at Texas Yellow Rose this past March. They wanted to learn about hooking bubbles and put me into a learning curve; how to teach bubbles. Of course, many Rug Hookers would like to know, so it’s been a good journey for me. I didn’t want to make a pattern out of Emmy, so I tried learning about generic bubbles. I came up with Rainbow Bubbles and hoped I could teach them to my students.

Rainbow Bubbles - 10x10" Jan 2010

Ha! Rainbow Bubbles are all very well, but my students wanted ‘Emmy’s Bubbles’… those translucent, hardly there bubbles.

Poor Donna and Maureen, they were my first ‘Bubble’ students and we hashed and talked, and talked and hashed those bubbles. Another class member, Loyce Kahil joined in after listening to our discussions; she hooked my little Rainbow Bubble Kit to see what she could come up with.

Maggie's Bubble by Maureen Boswell 2010

Maureen also had a portrait of her grand daughter, Maggie, to do so she got busy on that. eventually, Maureen started her bubble and followed my instructions for a Rainbow Bubble. She ripped it out and rehooked it, ripped, rehooked… and was able to pull off a great portrait of Maggie and her Bubble!

Blue Tang Bubbles 16x16" by Laura Pierce 2010

After a frustrating start of ‘try this and try that’, of spinning our wheels and the days getting gone, Donna commissioned me to hook her rug, Blue Tang Bubbles. Naturally, I thought it’d be a fun hook; it was designed and colour planned by me!

Donna is happy with her little rug and that’s makes me happy, too!

Thanks Ladies for your patience, guidance, discussion and perseverence!



  1. Hi Laura, cute story, yes, it was a lot of work but I am happy with my results. It is amazing how much thought and work in such a little bubble… thanks for hanging in there with us :-). mb

  2. Those are some great looking bubbles!

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