Posted by: laurawp | August 3, 2010

Fun! Fun! Fun! in Oakhurst!

Yes! it was the place to be! we had a fun time in the hills with a great group of Rug Artists. I missed Sammy the Swan… but the ducks and geese were fun to watch too.

Mother Goose and her goslings

I was impressed with how the Wool Poppies guild members each played a part in running the retreat. They all wore a blue ribbon on their name tag, offered help wherever needed and took care of business. Donna Lovelady and Gail Becker taught 2 wonderful classes, Kathy Clark and I brought our Stores, and I taught a 2-day mini-class. A small group, we had 3 big tables in the dining room where we mixed and socialized. The Rug Show & Tell, Reception and Wool Bingo were big hits!

Gail Becker teaches the 'Roll Forward' finishing technique.

Cousins - Laura & Polly

I’m looking forward to borrowing some photos from the Hooker Hill website to share in later posts. until then, here’s one of 2 happy campers.



  1. Cute!

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