Posted by: laurawp | July 23, 2010

Tiny Faces

One thing i like to show students when we’re making faces; when you put in the face features, the 1st step, it’s a little bit hard to keep hooking. the face looks like nothing! Then you fill in the rest of the face and Viola! the face takes shape. here are 3 photos of the latest Miniature Portrait i’m working on; a mother and child… Mini-Mini faces!

Mother & Child - eyes and nose, hair line, face line.

Mother and Child - more eyes, 2 ends for a child's nose, lips...

Mother and Child - fill in the faces with 2 values of 'skin'... aaah!

loops complete... on Young Rembrandt... now we tweak!

yes… i also added some white to their eyes, a dark top lip and a bit of orange for high chroma shadow… what?!

Then there is tweaking… after most of the loops are in… for instance; with Young Rembrandt, the whites of his eyes are making him bulgy-eyed… ha! with the hook, rearrange the ends and make a new appearance.

well... we wouldn't want it perfect!

perhaps a few more snips off those white tails on the smaller eye…?



  1. That mother and child example is great. I can see how frustrating it might be to be starting a face but to see the transformation would help pull me through.

  2. guess i’ll post the last photo of the Mother & Child… it turned out well! it is amazing how awful the little portraits look until you get more loops in. glad you stopped by…

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