Posted by: laurawp | July 11, 2010

Birches at Western

Birches with plaids, cloudy skies & reflection

There were several versions of the little landscape pattern; ‘Birches’ at the 2010 Western McGown Teachers’ Workshop Rug Show. I’m very sorry I didn’t make note of who hooked which ones; perhaps readers can comment if one of them is theirs.

In this first version, all the different greens and textures set the stage for a lazy summer day; watching clouds drift by in the sky and the lake, while listening to lapping of little waves .

Barbara Hanson's Painted sky & water with amber leaves

The vivid purple colours in the sky compliment the fall leaves and the water is like glass on this one.

Michele Wise's dramatic multi-media Birches!

With Proddy leaves and Needle Felted arroyo, Michele moved the scene to the Big West. I can imagine myself somewhere in Montana or Colorado with the mountains drifting off in the distance. there is water in that arroyo, but it’s deep down and all we see are the dramatic banks.

Nancy Terhaar's Autumn Birches

Autumn leaves and a peaceful lake frame the little house on the bank. This version plays it straight. A fun hook, everyone loves this pattern and every year they come back for the show. I probably have at least 20 versions in my photos of the WMTW rug shows from 2003 to present.

Tanya Graham's Alders in early Spring

A few posts back, I featured Tanya Graham’s version… here it is again close-up.



  1. Hi Laura, I did the autumn birches, “playin’ it straight”. You’re right, everyone loves this pattern. And, I love your blog. Thank you so much for the invite, and I’m going to put it in my favorites. It was so good to spend time with you at Western. Nancy

  2. I think the season in my Birches is before Spring but after the snow has melted. The earth is still cool but beginning to warm up. The sun is cool too. I saw the birch trees as alder trees since they are more likely to lean like that; and the water is a stream. This is more or less the view from my window.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Susan

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