Posted by: laurawp | June 17, 2010

Scrap bag Progress

Polka dot Pony by Pat Merikallio

It’s always great to connect up with Pat and see what magic she is hooking! She works from a large bag of wool worms and creates Art in Hooked Rugs; each one for some special member of her family. She just finished a rug portrait of a Spotted Pony for her grand-daughter, with the fog dragon creating Santa Cruz weather.

Pat Merikallio's twin bear cubs

Now she’s working on the Bear Cubs, a special rug for her new grandchildren, twins born earlier this year. The sun rising behind them, it’s the beginning of a new day!

Cynthia's Dahlia Garden

i like to hook my rugs from the worm bag too. it’s more about the lights and darks. it was an enjoyable week hooking at Cambria. i started this project with AnneMarie Littenberg in Sonoma County in March and continued working on it in her class at Cambria.



  1. Hi Laura….
    This is looking really great! I haven’t seen it since our workshop with AML. The garden shows up very well & Cynthia is well-defined.
    I look forward to seeing it when it’s done.

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